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message 1623: by [deleted user] (new)

Jade watched them and shrugged and leapt high into the tree, Ignoring them.

Rielle went into the Water to swim.

message 1622: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack frowned even more, shaking his head, "i don't remember anything along those lines" he said quietly, struggling to remember anything like that

((might i ask where you're going with that???))

message 1621: by Elena (new)

Elena "I had a memory of being cut. I was screaming but I could hear other screams besides mine. There was blood everywhere and there was this women smiling at me telling me it would be alright. And then you were there in the background watching, I don't remember.."

message 1620: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack frowned, watching her, "you know, i don't think you've told me yet what that flash back was about"

message 1619: by Elena (new)

Elena "Oh, well you see...when I had that flash back it upset me not because of the cutting and all but because you were in it and I don't know how." she said quietly.

message 1618: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack shook his head, "no, you haven't gotten upset too often, but you did seem a bit upset a little bit ago, and i was wondering why"

message 1617: by Elena (new)

Elena "do I get upset a lot?"Cyra asked. "You can be straight with me, I won't take offense."

message 1616: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack shrugged a little, "well, i mean why it is you do certain things, why you get mad, why you're upset. things like that"

message 1615: by Elena (new)

Elena "do what I do? like what?" Cyra asked looking at him

message 1614: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack blushed a light red, "well, i want to know what makes you who you are" he said quietly, watching the ground as he spoke, "why you do what you do"

message 1613: by Elena (new)

Elena Cyra nodded. "I understand,I felt like our relationship was at a standstill but now I see it's just that we're still at the getting-to-know-you stage."She said. "And what do you mean by tick?"

message 1612: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack looked up at Cyra in surprise, "of course i do" he said immediately, "sure i might not know everything about you, but i want to get to know you, i want to know what makes you tick" he said quietly, slightly embarassed by what he was saying

message 1611: by Elena (new)

Elena "Do you truly love me Zack?" Cyra asked out of the blue.

message 1610: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack nodded, smiling slightly, "glad to hear that" he said quietly, laying back and relaxing

message 1609: by Seraph (new)

Seraph | 5555 comments ((Just did =D))

message 1608: by [deleted user] (new)

((Hey Seraph, Can you RP on Ninjas?))

message 1607: by Seraph (new)

Seraph | 5555 comments ((...))

message 1606: by Elena (new)

Elena "I'm sorry I'm being all secretive and dull." Cyra said softly. "It's not you,I like being with you all." She added glancing over at Zack.

message 1605: by [deleted user] (new)

Jade nodded, Figuring She'd say when she was ready.

Rielle smiled at the Peacefulness of the Oasis.

message 1604: by Elena (new)

Elena "Um, nothing really, just some memories.." Cryra mumbled looking over at the waterfall.

message 1603: by [deleted user] (new)

Jade looked at Cyra. "What were you thinkin' on?" She asked.

message 1602: by Elena (new)

Elena After awhile Cyra came back and sat down next to Jade.

message 1601: by [deleted user] (new)

Rielle looked at the Shimmering Pool that was made by the Large shimmering Waterfall.

message 1600: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack frowned, sitting on the grass, he sighed after looking at Cyra and then at Rielle, confused as to their behavior

message 1599: by Elena (new)

Elena Cyra shrugged and found a nice dark place under a tree to rest. She needed time to figure out what was wrong

message 1598: by [deleted user] (new)

Jade looked between the Two Females and Zack and planted herself Beside Zack, Unwilling to Leave him.

Rielle shrugged and lay down.

message 1597: by Elena (new)

Elena "Very nice.." Cyra murmured. "Well I'll let you have some time to be with Zack.." She said quietly making her way out.

message 1596: by [deleted user] (new)

Rielle Shrugged, "I was looking for a place to call my own when I found this spot, It's special" She said smiling.

message 1595: by Elena (new)

Elena "very beautiful Reille. how did you find it?" Cyra asked

message 1594: by [deleted user] (new)

Rielle smiled and lead Zack, Jade, and Cyra to her Oasis.

((Rielle's Oasis: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/1... ))

message 1593: by Elena (new)

Elena "Okay, let's see it Reille." Cyra said smiling slightly. She was still thinking about what Zack said, was she really upset?

message 1592: by [deleted user] (new)

Rielle wasn't sure what to do. "I wanted to show you my Oasis Zack, You Cyra and Jade" She said.

message 1591: by Elena (new)

Elena "What? no why would I be upset?" Cyra asked

message 1590: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack frowned, still watching Cyra, "you're upset" he said quietly

message 1589: by Elena (new)

Elena Cyra grinned. "Well I'm very happy for you." she said standing up.

message 1588: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack smiled slightly, "guess it's more of the shock-factor" he said, watching Cyra

message 1587: by Elena (new)

Elena "Confused how? or is it more of the shock-factor?" Cyra asked."her name is Jade." she added looking at Reille.

message 1586: by [deleted user] (new)

Jade paced.

Rielle smiled. "What's the Young one's name?" She asked nodding to Jade.

message 1585: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack nodded, "i think" he said, frowning, "i don't know, i mean, it's a good thing, but it's confusing"

message 1584: by Elena (new)

Elena "I heard.." Cyra said quietly. "Aren't you pleased, you found family"

message 1583: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack frowned, glancing up at Cyra, "um, she's my sister" he muttered quietly, still unsure of the statement, "i'm so confused" he said quietly, more to himself

message 1582: by Elena (new)

Elena Cyra smiled slightly at Reille. She shifted her position, feeling out of place. "Nice to really meet you, Reille."

message 1581: by [deleted user] (new)

She sat there Silently letting her Brother think and looked at Jade and Cyra curiously.

message 1580: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack nodded slightly, "yeah, we did" he said quietly, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that she was there with him

message 1579: by [deleted user] (new)

She nodded. "We aren't alone anymore though, We've found each other, And you found Friends" She said smiling a little.

Jade watched Rielle ready to Pounce if she did anything that could be interpreted as a Threat.

message 1578: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack sat down on the ground hard, across from her, "it really is you" he said quietly, recognizing the toe fidgeting, "he left us here"

message 1577: by [deleted user] (new)

She nodded sadly, "I never wanted to Leave, But he left me then Moved the Family so I couldn't find you when I returned. How'd you get out? I could've helped" She said. "Or tried to help" She sat cross legged on the Forest floor and fidgeted with her Toes, an old and Familiar habit.

message 1576: by Elena (last edited Jun 05, 2011 05:20PM) (new)

Elena ((..lol Seraph,))

message 1575: by Carter (new)

Carter (RJCarter) Zack was watching her carefully, surprise and sadness filling his face, "i just, but i, i dont understand" he said finally, having trouble finding the words

message 1574: by [deleted user] (new)

She shook her head "That's what He wanted you to think, He drove me out to the middle of Nowhere and Left me because I was Planning to Spring you" She said.

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