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message 1: by Marit ^_^ (new)

Marit ^_^  | 9 comments Once, my dad and i were at the sugar river lake, and we saw a bat drowning in the water. there just happened to be an old hanger on the ground, so I handed it to my dad, and he handed it to the bat, it grabbed on and pulled itself out of the water, and thanked us as it flew away. It was a pretty awesome feeling knowing that you had just saved a living life.

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie  | 7 comments I am trying to save the elephants and whales!

message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie  | 7 comments plus, anything else that i can save.

message 4: by Katie (new)

Katie  | 7 comments Stories... My dad saved a dog's life, by stopping to make sure it wasn't gonna get run over. I once saved a toad, from getting trapped in our gutters. i made a house for him and he loved it! I named him Henry.

message 5: by Marit ^_^ (new)

Marit ^_^  | 9 comments why would i laugh about you saving ants, I try to shun who ever tries to step on ants intensionaly. all living creatures should diserve the wonderful opportunity of life, so good for you Heather!!!!!!!!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

that is so awesome of you to do that for the ants!!!

message 7: by Tom (new)

Tom Mueller | 5 comments I stop and block traffic every time I see a Gopher Tortise crossing the road. If necessary, I'll make a u-turn to stop if I see one in the oncoming lane.

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message 9: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Sifontes (nicosifc) | 1 comments Nature is like your favorite book, and by this I mean that no matter what you're going through, no matter how you are feeling, it will always be there.

I have a house where I grew up, it's in the middle of a mountain, with a great view and it's kind of hard to get there unless you have a 4x4, but I love it. It's very pretty; one night, I was very sad and thinking, and I realized nature always has a way to get you back to her.

You just have to visit her once in a while.

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