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first book ever

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Natalie Porter This is the first book I ever read My friend Ronda gave me this book and said it was good I should read it so I did . I was in 5th grade . I still think of it as a very good book

Amanda I too loved it. I still think it's a good read, looking a a girl who's standing on that razor's edge between girlhood and womanhood. And it's all confused by her rebellious older sister, the absent, neglectful father and a brother with very special needs. Nobody is perfect, but nobody is is a villian either. They are all people doing the best they can - and when the crisis comes the Protagonist is able to look beyond her prejudices to accept help from an unlikely source.
I loved the vision (idea picture) that the Heroine has at the end of the book of all her family standing on the steps. Some are standing on steps they are helpless to move off of, others choose to stand still. If you want to though, there are steps that will move you up and out, all you have to do is be willing to climb.

kutingtin I was able to relate to this one coz i have a lil brother and I would do anything for him too! =D

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