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What's your favorite Vampire story?

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Cary I can remember when I first read "Carmilla" in prep school it left a lasting impression. I remembered Carmilla long after highschool as being a very imaginative and a very cleverly written story about a vampire and her attraction to another girl. So I found the story again. The book was a unique vampire tale different than others I had read. Carmilla was not a foul creature of the tomb. But a beautiful girl with courtesy and social grace, who walked in the day. She had certain magic powers attributed to vampires. She was definitly evil and cursed. But the most unusual part was her attraction and attempted seduction of Laura. The way she dragged out her draining of Luaras life while she took the lives of others. I really think her ultimate goal was to turn Laura. Who is so innocent she does not realize the sexual nature of Carmilla's approaches. Much of the story is left to imagination. The old madame that assists Carmilla in her existance. The hideous black gypsy woman Mashka. Filled with hellfire and malevolent cheer as she contemplates the deviltry about to befall Laura and her friends. The pale serverant of the Comtess. Aparantly a clan of vampires from Karnstein which Carmilla was a part off. We never really get to know. Who this clan is and their exact relationship to Carmilla is never reavealed and left to the imagination. To me it has all the components of a great vampire book. Evil & averssion to God,magic and the occult, and of course it is frightening & exciting. Also it has my favorite setting Victorian era and gothic. Whats your favorite? Cary

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Elton Feavre Dream by George R.R. Martin. A vampire story set mostly on a riverboat during Mark Twain times.

Also The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers. Not your typical vampire book.

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Christine Clarimonde by Theophile Gautier. Children of the vampires and Lord of the vampires by Jeanne Kalogridis. Lady of the house of love by Angela Carter. And yes, I too like Carmilla.

Howard Syvarth Carmilla's sexual overtones were strong, but my favorite was Dracula....if you wanted it, he would kill you out right. He drank the life energy as well as blood....he was and will be the ulimate seducer....

Christine Oh, and new favorites - Le vampire and Pale Lady by Alexandre Dumas. Fabulous!

Melissa Favorite vampire story, at the moment, is 30 Days of Night...I love the fact they do not vanquish the vampires...just the leader and I would actually rank this as a romance, as well.

Jose Martinez my favorites are, Salem's Lot by Stephen King and Let the right one in by John Ajvide Lindqvist, also liked a lot the books that Guillermo del toro and chuck hogan wrote.

Lamprini ALEXEI TOLSTOY : 1840 The Curse of the Vourdalak.
an absolutely gothic and terror story.

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Feliks I dig 'Carmilla' but there's another very clever one titled, 'The Horla' (1887) The Horla and Other Stories a short horror story written by Guy de Maupassant. This gets my vote for top chills.

Although there's probably no connection; whenever this type of vampire is written into a movie it provides maximum terror; even when we're talkin' low-budgety horror. 'The Entity'; 'Maniac' and 'The Dark' all feature victims who are mauled by an invisible creature.

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Karen The Vampire Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas. I've read and enjoyed the classics and newer takes over the years, but keep coming back to this one with its three stories that tell one about survival as a just slightly superior alien creature in an everchanging world. Personal bonus points awarded that the tale ends in New Mexico.

Millicent I can't believe no one's mentioned my favorite, The Historian! Plenty of gothic creepiness, but in a contemporary setting with complex relationships and issues.

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Carmilla! Lesbian theme def ahead of its time!! Girl on girl blood sucking action! Genius!

Alex This one!

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Ron Gilmette I think both Dracula and Carmilla were the iconic vampires. I'd like to see a well made film about Carmilla. The closest is Hammer film's Karnstien series. Of course it would be har to top Ingrid Pitt.

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ALP It's not even a book but - besides the iconic stuff like Carmilla and Dracula - my favorite vampire story so far was Jim Jarmusch's latest film "Only Lovers Left Alive" which I absolutetly love (although or maybe because it's not typically vampiric, however very beautiful, charming, romantic and funny).

Devero I Like Carmilla, but The Horla is superior.
And I like very much "The Shunned House" by H.P.Lovecraft.

Lamprini just WAKE NOT THE DEAD by Tieck and of course The mysterious stranger!!!!

Victoria Allred my all time favorite is the mysterious stranger!!! I love that a woman is allowed to save the day. It's not often in the victorian gothic vampire stories that a woman allowed to be the hero. However, being the sadistic author I can be, I am a huge fan of the ending to Polodori's vampyre. I have had a very difficult time reading any recent vampire stories. They all seem so superficial and unbelievable. With Anne Rice being the exception!

Oh, and don't forget Poe's Ligeia!

Lamprini dear Victororia i'm totaly with you.try 'the wolf woman' and The skeleton Count, or The vampire Mistress. you will adre them both.

Read me two times Carmilla was my first vampire book, then came Lestat and then Count Dracula. I love these three...

If we can talk about movies, I'd pick Only lovers left alive, the best vampire movie ever.

But I can't forget Let the right one in, either.

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Emma Drácula podría haber sido mi historia favorita, pero si no existiera el vampiro Lestat.

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"Carmilla", and "Dracula" "Carmilla" left me haunted and dazed, I felt sweet sadness during reading.

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