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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (j_stacey) Hi everyone, just wanted to drop by and introduce myself and perhaps get some of you to introduce yourselves...

My name is Jessica, I'm 25, and I recently moved to Winnipeg, MB to be with my partner. I signed up to GR as my mom pretty much lives on here and thought it would be another great way to keep in touch with her.

As I'm new to this city, I've left behind my family and all my old friends and am starting out new. Since I don't have any friends as of yet, GR seems like a great escape to meet people and discuss common interests - books! If anyone feels like chatting, feel free to add me as a friend :)

message 2: by Kara (new)

Kara Hi Jessica,

I just joined this group and noticed that you're the only one who's commented since January. :) Hopefully we can get some more people involved!

I'm Kara,I'm 38 years old and I live in Southern California. I moved away from my friends and family 2 years ago and still feel like I'm starting out new. It's rough, I know.

My GLBT reading list is...well...non-existent. I hope I can get some good recommendations here, as well as meet some new people!

message 3: by jenny (new)

jenny | 3 comments Hi! i've been here long enough but it seems that i dont get myself to type a few words. well, anyway, im here now. i read the recent post by jessica and thought of getting involve.

im jenny, 19 years old from Philippines. i still live with my parent(which sucks!) but i got my own computer and room.. so i think im

i like reading. i am into fanfics first and thought of having a real book so i can bring it anywhere. i do love books. fictions actually. well, this may sound crazy... i always go to book stores to check on any new books. sometimes i dont buy. i just like the feeling of being in a bookstore surrounded by books(though i dont want to be a librarian!lol). anyway, now you know my past sometimes i go to booksales where i buy most of my books.the thing is, im full of books which i havent read yet. maybe i just love buying books(

as i've said, i love fanfics. well, to tell you, those are lesbian related. yes! you heard that right(now i feel like im talking to myself..sigh). so far, those are just my lesbian realted readings. in terms of books, i have only read 'Luna', 'Bermudez Triangle', 'its in her kiss' & 'between girlfriends' by Dean elizabeth. so far, those are just my lesbian related books (i just started reading those stuff, and liked it.)ive read cause there are limited books about lesbians here in my country.

well anyway, maybe you guys would like to reccommend and ill try to look for it in here.. or you can send me books if you like. i accept charities too you

as far as i know this place is not just for books, but also to meet new people. so i really do hope to meet new people who would like to talk or do anything. dont worry, i dont bite


-->Hi Jessica! Nice of you to start a topic where we introduce ourselves.
Take care all!

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (j_stacey) Hey girls, it's been a while since I've been online, so thought I'd check up on my little thread. It doesn't seem like much of an active group... not too many members, but hey, maybe we can change that :) And thanks to both of you for adding me as a friend :)

Kara, why did you move from home? I know how rough it is. Leaving friends and family and everything you know is hard and I'm sure it'll take a long time to get used to. I've only been here since the end of July and it hasn't been too hard but I'm sure as time goes by I'll have my days where all I want to do is go home. Actually I'm having one of those days right now as I just found out my parents are putting my dog down later today.

Jenny... I know exactly what you mean by browsing book stores. I love them even though most of the time I don't buy anything. My girlfriend has kind of restricted me as I have about 13 books I need to read. Not allowed to buy anymore until I've read them! Though in all fairness the majority of the books I need to read were given to me for Christmas. But I still love going to book stores and mingling with all the books. I love the atmosphere and the coffee!

As for book reccommedations, have you read Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinburg? <---- I think that's how it's spelled.

message 5: by Rosalyn (new)

Rosalyn Wraight | 4 comments Hi, all!

It's probably not wise to ask for book recommendations with authors in the group. ;-) Either that, or it's not wise for an author to make self-serving recommendations. Probably the latter, but it's so, so hard to resist.

And with that disclaimer...

The first three books in my Lesbian Adventure Club series just got 5-star reviews at Rainbow Reviews. If you click this link perhaps you'll be talked into a good read.

Hey, you can't blame a girl for trying, can you?

message 6: by Kara (new)

Kara Stone Butch Blues is AWESOME. I have read it 2-3 times. I highly recommend it.

message 7: by jenny (new)

jenny | 3 comments ok jessica ill check that one around here. hope i can find it. thanks!

message 8: by jenny (new)

jenny | 3 comments thanks rosalyn. hope i can find it here too. cause its not really easy to find those kind of books here. thanks again for the reccommendation.

message 9: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (j_stacey) If you can't find it at a local bookstore then you can always try online. I'm sure Ebay or Amazon would have it. It's an awesome book.

message 10: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (j_stacey) Rosalyn, though I hate it with a passion when authors spam or push their books, I'm always up for any suggestions in regards to lesbian fiction, non-fiction, erotica etc... have you written any other books? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

I'm really wanting to read a fictional love story and preferably not with the typical stereo types of butch-femme. I'd love to read something with just femmes. It seems even the erotica is all about the butch-femme stereo type. No offense to anyone but I just want some femme action!

Jenny... you can also try a book called Rubyfruit Jungle. I believe the author is Rita Mae Brown.

message 11: by Rosalyn (new)

Rosalyn Wraight | 4 comments Yes, Jessica, I, too, am not a fan of spam or pushy people. Then again, it's not like we're on a message board talking about what fruit is in season. Authors and readers here, and it also does me good to pay attention to what readers are looking for.

I have two other books. Both lesbian mysteries: Woman Justice and Secrets and Sins.

I also don't like stereotypes. They simply perpetuate discrimination. I hope I have not done that with my work, and at the same time, I have ten characters in my Lesbian Adventure Club series. I tried to portray them as women first, but that also means 'they are what they are.'

And... A thumbs-up on your recommendation of Rubyfruit Jungle.

message 12: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (j_stacey) Well perhaps I shall check out your books. How long have you been writing for and are your books in stores or do you have to go online through a special website?

message 13: by Rosalyn (new)

Rosalyn Wraight | 4 comments My books are on Amazon. (Author pages here link to titles on Amazon, I believe.) Any bookstore should be able to order them, as they are listed in Books-In-Print and available via distributors. You'd just have to give author/title or ISBN.

Ebooks are available on my publisher's site, Mobipocket, Fictionwise, Amazon Kindle, Palm...

There are also two sample chapters of each book available on my website (

message 14: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (j_stacey) Awesome. Thanks Rosalyn.

message 15: by Michaela (last edited Oct 14, 2008 11:47AM) (new)

Michaela Wood | 2 comments Hi Everyone! I'm Michaela, and I live in Hamburg, Germany although I'm moving back to New Hampshire, US just before the election. I'm 28 and I teach English here. I run several groups which include alot of 19th century and early 20th century fiction. I'm a big classics reader.

I love LGBT fiction and I'm looking for recommendations!

message 16: by Suzie (new)

Suzie Carr (suziecarr) | 4 comments Hi All!

I just joined goodreads in January 2011 and am loving it! I especially enjoy the blogs, quizzes and reviews. Oh,and I also love the groups! I have met some wonderful book-lovers here and am looking forward to meeting even more. My genre of choice is lesbian fiction. I just read Patience and Sarah and thought it was a quick sweet love story. Rosalyn, I will check out your books, as well:-) And, I agree, as a fellow author, it's important to pay attention to what readers are looking for. It's eye-opening and so important to our craft!

I'd love more recommendations on femme lesbian stories, as well!

Suzie Carr

message 17: by Rosalyn (new)

Rosalyn Wraight | 4 comments Hi, Suzi!

I added your book, Tangerine Twist, to my list and will keep my eyes peeled for the other two. Good luck with them!

Rosalyn Wraight

message 18: by Suzie (new)

Suzie Carr (suziecarr) | 4 comments Thanks, Rosalyn! I appreciate that:-) I also added yours (Scavengers)! Happy reading! Have a great weekend.

message 19: by Duane (new)

Duane Simolke (duanesimolke) Hi, everyone! It looks like this group is active off and on, but I wanted to drop in and join. All of my books include gay themes and/or characters. Though I don't limit myself as a reader, I read a lot of gay-themed fiction and a lot of science fiction.

Sometimes I find really good, gay-themed scifi/fantasy. You can find some of that by searching Goodreads Groups for "gay science fiction" or "gay fantasy."

Duane, http://DuaneSimolke.Com

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