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(Can I just start?)

Trinity skipped down the hallway.She didnt have another class for a long while and wondered what she could do.She looked for people she knew.

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Pit walked in the hallway another class UGH Pit thought

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Liza and Kori walked into the school holding hands

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

They walked to Liza's first class.

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim ashley grabbed her library book and ran through the hall

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Kori left to go to his class. Liza looked up and saw Ashley, "Hey bool worm where ya headed." she sneered

message 7: by Kim (new)

Kim ashley didn't answer but knocked liza on the floor on her way to class

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

LIza got up and brushed her hands on her pants, "Crazy freak." she muttered

message 9: by Kim (last edited Sep 02, 2008 05:52PM) (new)

Kim ashley slid into english just as the bell rang

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((nevermind about what I said here before. lol))

message 11: by Kim (new)

Kim ((my mistake, i changed it))

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((kk. i g2g))

message 13: by Kim (new)

Kim ((bye pammy))

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Jade walked down the hallway with his pales behind him he knocked a nerds books from his hands. and walked down to math, although he told his friend it was his worst it was really his best.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (I_Love_Jacob_Black_95) Ariel saw Jade and frowned. She knew he was pretty nice, but he seemed to care to much about his rep at times to be nice to others. She helped the boy gather his books and handed them to him. The boy stared at Ariel but she ran after Jade.
"Jade!" she yelled.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (I_Love_Jacob_Black_95) Ariel tapped Jade's shoulder.
"What was that for?" she asked.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (I_Love_Jacob_Black_95) ((gtg sorry byes))

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"What do you want?!" Jade asked Ariel rudely. turning to face her. Thinking it was someone else. "Oh! Sorry Ariel. So what did you need?"

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Oh great. Beth tought just the person I wanted to see, Jade.
But she walked on anyway.

message 20: by Kim (new)

Kim ashley walked through the hallway with her nose in a book

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Nick smiled down at Caryth. He'd always been warm-hearted toward his adopted sister.

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(its a hard word to spell)

message 24: by Kim (new)

Kim ((can ashley bump into beth?))

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message 26: by Kim (new)

Kim ashley wasn't paying attention and bumped into another girl

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When Beth stode up she was hit in the face with the hard cover of a book.

message 28: by Kim (new)

Kim "sorry," ashley muttered and picked up her book

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

She was pissed and you could see it in her face. Byt she said it was ok and contieued to her next class.

message 30: by Kim (new)

Kim ashley glared at beth and continued to walk and read

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

When Beth got to her next class it seemed to take forever. The teacher seemed to be reading the same sentence over and over agian, so that Beth could say it backwords and get it word for word but finally the lunch bell rang.

message 32: by Kim (new)

Kim ashley got out of class and quickly ate her lunch

message 33: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 02, 2008 08:35PM) (new)

Beth walked into the lunch room and the only seat left that was not eather saved for Rose or anyone else of that matter was next to the girl who shoved her book cover agianest beths nose.

message 34: by Kim (new)

Kim ((gtg)) ashley stood up and walked to the library

message 35: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 02, 2008 08:40PM) (new)

Once the girl left she was left seating the way she liked it alone, Beth diged into her bag and pulled out a chocolate-chip cookie or something along those lines. She eat in peace before there was a big comotion when Rose walked in.

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Pit was in his class Hmm mabye me ,and Jade can pull few pranks! He thought evily Hmmm ill have to think up one later its time to make class go by! *Sneaks earbud into ear listens to ipod*

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

The class was over he walked out of class ,and tripped a few Nerds "Oops sorry it was an "accident""Pit said to all the nerds he tripped.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Pit turned around Im not like Jade when i do something bad i HAVE to fix it he helped the nerds up told them sorry ,and walked away as fast as he could

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Pit walked by Rose and Lotus "Hey!" He said as he passed

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Kiona walked away after Pit helped her up. Why can't he just leave me alone once in a hile? She walked over to the "nerd table" and sat down next to some of her only friends. Someone - her mind was blank - started talking about calculus. Finally, something I understand.

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((well someone post))

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Carli walked down the hallway in her heels and pink dress that was just acceptable at school. Her hair was in big blonde locks down to her waist, like always. She loved being on top at the school... feeling powerful was amazing... but when you secret crush wasn't that popular, things were hard. And it was even harder keeping the secret that your sister was the biggest nerd in school.

message 44: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 02, 2008 09:42PM) (new)

((wait, is nick popular? fwit didn't say anything, so i'm assuming he's not))

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

((ok, then secretly Carli and Kiona both have a crush on him :) let's get fwit a little more involved in the roleplay))

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kiona walked down the hall quickly on her way to german, going over her notes, when she felt someone bump into her.
"Sorry loser," said a cold voice. Kiona recognized that voice. It was her sister Carli. Sometimes it seemed to Kiona that her sister seemed to pick on her more than anyone else.

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((now your all alone, bye))

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Trinity smiled at everyone not seeing people she knew.She looked at the notice board and wrote her name for the costume designer for the school play.Sje would probably get it because she was artistic and everyone knew it, she was the costume designer last year as well.She frowned "At least it will get me away from home." she muttered.

I ♥ Luke Castellan *Alexa* (I_Love_Jacob_Black_95) Ariela sat down in Drama and stared at the list for the school play. She didn't get a role obviously. She turned on her ipod and started the homework she forgot to do.

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Liza looked went to her study hall, sat down and waited for Kori to show up

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