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message 1: by Clyde (last edited Sep 01, 2008 01:14PM) (new)

Clyde Ford | 1 comments I have one of those eclectic backgrounds that gets me into trouble as much as it gets me into fun. I'm sure a lot of other member of this group know exactly what I mean. Among other careers, I've been a software engineer for many years, prior to writing fiction.

So, for the release of my latest thriller, Precious Cargo by Vanguard Press, I created software called OnScene which allows readers to go online, click on place names from the book and fly there with Google Earth™ or Virtual Earth™.

Once at a location, readers can pull up audio of me reading from my book, watch a video interview, learn more about the history or geography of a place. So, OnScene's the basis for a multi-media experience related to the book as well.

Precious Cargo begins when a young woman's body is pulled up from the ocean floor on the flukes on an anchor. It's the second book in my Charlie Noble Novels, all contemporary nautical thrillers set along the Inside Passage. Many people are not familiar with this area of the world and OnScene is a great way to bring the world of this book to my readers.

OnScene is free to use. Click here to see OnScene in action.

For the book's website:
Precious Cargo Website

For my website:
Clyde Ford's Website

Let me know you think about OnScene.



message 2: by Ilyn (new)

Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1071 comments Mod
Hello Clyde,

Thank you for joining us. Good fortune on Precious Cargo.

message 3: by Jim (last edited Sep 17, 2008 04:31AM) (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) Clyde, the Google Earth plug-in sounded really awesome. It adds an entirely new dimension to a book. How hard was it to setup?

It also gave me a chance to test IE8 beta to see how it performed with a different site. I checked out the on-scene with IE7, 8 & Firefox 3. The latter 2 were a bit of a fight to get it working - a couple of refreshes before I got the right combination to install & then the browser had to be restarted. In IE8, I never did get the hyperlinks in the text to work, although they worked fine from the location tab.

Anyway, I didn't have a lot of time to look at your work, but you have a GREAT reading voice. What I did see looked interesting. Thanks for turning me on to your books. I'm going to put your first one on my to-read list.

This is really exciting to me. Thanks again.

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