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C'est Moi ♪ Nathan is 16. He's the twin of Natalie (older than her by two minutes) and the two have given each other advice and helped each other more than most twins. He's 5'11", two inches taller than Natalie, and prefers to wear dark blue and black. His hair is dark brown but turns golden-auburn in sunlight ahd his eyes are a lighter blue-grey color. Gets good grades. He likes to play basketball and water polo...hmm...He's carefree and doesn't have much opinion about dating, so usually people have to work very hard for him just to notice them. :]

Here's a pic: (only without the lip ring, cuz...yeah haha)

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C'est Moi ♪ Thanks Grayce :)

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Loveeee the piccie!!

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C'est Moi ♪ thanks haha :]
it's alex evans, i believe...


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Catt (furu) I like it to!!

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C'est Moi ♪ thank you! ^^

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Catt (furu) Welcome!

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