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message 1: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
Kay, here we can talk about the books characters etc.

message 2: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
Which is your favorite quartet? Tortall or Circle Books? Who is your favorite guy out of all the books?

message 3: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
Mine would have to been Song of the Lioness or Protector of the small. The Tortall books are way better then the circle books and favorite guy I really have trouble picking but probaly Neal.

message 4: by Steph (new)

Steph (kitsune_chan) | 72 comments My favorite quartet is definetly the Immortals, but I do like Terrier also. (I LOVE ANYTHING thats by Tamora Pierce, actually.) Tortall is better in my opinion because the Circle books are for younger people (like 8-12 year olds). I have a HUGE crush on Numair, but I also like Nawat.

message 5: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
I like Nawat too haha. I never really got into the immortal series. Terrier was good, I wish it had a little more romance though like with Rosto or something. I am eagarly awaiting the second book. But it's taking forever to come out... I am practically dying waiting for it.

message 6: by Steph (new)

Steph (kitsune_chan) | 72 comments YES. I feel your pain. I actually thought it came out April of this year, until someone told me, No, it's next year. I think I had a mental break down. I actually never got into the Protector of the Small series until halway through Squire, but I LOVED Lady Knight.

message 7: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
The protector the small didnt appeal to me till the second time i read them. Then I loved em. I unfortunaltly dont currently have Lady Knight in my possesion. My friend borrowed it I have yet to re-read it. I dont even remember the entire plot :( it was so lng ago. As for for the next Bekah Cooper book I think it was suposed to come out this past spring but got moved because she was writing something else. I got sooo angry. I didnt fall in love with Terrier but it had such great potential I HATE waiting lol

message 8: by Steph (new)

Steph (kitsune_chan) | 72 comments I really enjoyed it because it was told in first person. But I still can't wait till this April. I NEED that book.

message 9: by Steph (new)

Steph (kitsune_chan) | 72 comments As for the Protector series, I've read them about four or five times and they just dragged on for me, I don't know why. But then I loved Squire and Lady Knight.

message 10: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
Ya what do you think of Cleon? I was really mad Kel didn't get a guy in the end :(

message 11: by Steph (new)

Steph (kitsune_chan) | 72 comments Yeah, I thought for sure Neal (another one I love) would end up with her, but didn't. But I also like Dom, so maybe (HOPEFULLY) Tamora will right another Protector book where she will get the guy. Cleon was alright, but I never ccould see them together for some reason.

message 12: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
Ya Neal and Dom were just, gah I feel in love with them just as she did lol. I would be SOOOO happy if she did but I doubt it. She sort of has a thing with sets of 4. Cleon made it fun to read, but I agree I don't think they would have worked out together. They don't really have things in common or anything he is just swooning over her.

message 13: by Steph (new)

Steph (kitsune_chan) | 72 comments Yes, it's another dream of mine that she'll write that book. But maybe she'll write a book about someone else and mention Kel with someone, like they did in the Trickster series (like how we saw Daine had two children with Numair).

message 14: by Sharayah (new)

Sharayah | 359 comments Mod
Thats true! I will keep on wish'in

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