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C'est Moi ♪ Natalie is a 16 year old girl and has a brother named Nathan who's her twin. She is 5'9" and enjoys wearing anything random, so her outfits are a little unique but they always seem to match.Her mother died when Natalie was 7 and her dad remarried. Singing and playing the violin are her main hobbies... She enjoys reading, playing soccer, shape-shifting...stuff along that line. She gets straight A's and is very smart and clever. She's almost fully recovered from her issue with anorexia a few years before. Here's a picture:

(except with blue highlights):

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C'est Moi ♪ Thanks Rachel :)

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Love the pic!

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C'est Moi ♪ thank you :]]

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Catt (furu) everyone here seems to be Emo or punk..Still love it though!

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Catt (furu) Yupyup!! Dakota isn't though..

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C'est Moi ♪ Lol yeah :) it's kinda hard finding a good pic for Natalie though, but remember she's a shape-shifter so she's not always emo/punk :DD

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Catt (furu) Lol,you right!

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C'est Moi ♪ Or maybe this!

yaay :)

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Catt (furu) Preety!

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C'est Moi ♪ yeah, i think this one looks more like natalie than the other one :D
except with the black hair and blue eyes lol

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Catt (furu) yup..

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Allie (pearlrose95) it's pretty!

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C'est Moi ♪ thank you! :)

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