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rivka I have read almost everything of hers -- just a couple of her newer or harder-to-find volumes left. Since there will be no more (alas!) I'm in no rush.

Anyway, I have to have time to re-read the Xenogenesis trilogy every year or three. ;)

Cindy Kindred was my first Butler - and it was so fascinating!

My plan is to read Lilith's Brood, i.e. the Xenogenesis trilogy, as my next Butler. But then what? Any suggestions?

rivka Like I said in January, then read Wild Seed.

Jerri Kindred is by far my favorite book by her. She left us too soon. Enjoy!

Sarah I like that she never explained how the travel happened. This was my second Butler book, after Wild Seed.

rivka Sarah Pi wrote: "I like that she never explained how the travel happened."

It was not important to the story, so I completely agree. Most time travel explanations are just so much handwavium, anyway. ;)

rivka BunWat wrote: "Handwavium is a great word."

It is, but it's definitely not original to me.

And nice metaphor. :)

rivka I suspect you are right, but had not considered it previously.

Those are the best kind of metaphors: They seem obvious only in retrospect.

rivka Indeed. We define ourselves by many things that are an accident of birth -- sex, race, nationality, tendency towards certain genetic traits, etc.

rivka BunWat wrote: "I think one of the things going in Kindred is Octavia Butler working through some of the implications of being defined by being black in America."

I think it could be argued that this is a primary theme in ALL her books -- some more blatantly than others.

rivka BunWat wrote: "But I think she makes those themes universal."

To a large extent, I agree.

message 12: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl I agree with all of the above. I'm excited to read more by Butler, and I do own a bunch, but other assignments keep getting in the way.

Carol Cindy wrote: "Kindred was my first Butler - and it was so fascinating!

My plan is to read Lilith's Brood, i.e. the Xenogenesis trilogy, as my next Butler. But then what? Any suggestions?"

"Parable of the Sower" my first Butler book and it hooked me good...

Nicole Kindred blew me away and Wild Seed was both provocative and original. So sad that the author is no longer with us.

MaryKay I have to point out that Kindred is one of the books being distributed on World Book Night (April 23, 2012).

Hafsas Mom I recently finished Kindred and loved every word. I had high hopes for Lilith's Brood, i.e. the Xenogenesis trilogy, but it was too sci-fi for me. My goal is to read all of Butler's books this year. Fledgling is next on my list.

Bridget BunWat wrote: "This was the first Octavia Butler book I read. I am now a confirmed Butlerite working my way through her works. About halfway now."

It was my first book too...She has me wanting to read her other books. She wrote this book really well. I love the kind of books you don't want to put down but have to because you have responsibilities..and one of mine is..I have to feed me kids, so I HAD to put it down! lol...

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David Merrill I've been reading her work for so long, I have to admit, I can't remember which book was my first any more. I think it was probably the Xenogenesis trilogy. I've been doling out the few I haven't read, a couple of the Patternmaster books and Fledgling, slowly since there won't be more too. But I'm realizing as I read everyone's comments it has been too long since I read one of her books. I was fortunate to have been able to meet her and have her sign a few of my books at a convention before she died. She had way too many books left in her.

Esmeralda I've read most of her books and have enjoyed them. She had a unique point of view. I was very sorry to hear that she died because I always looked forward to reading a new book that she had written.

Beverly I am also a fan of Octavia's Butler work. I am also excited as they are finally releasing her earlier work as ebooks on July 24th. Here is a link to the ebook book covers. The covers are amazing.

Kimberly Hicks This was my novel I read of hers, and I plan to read the rest she's written. She was an amazing writer!

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