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The same as any fast food resterant. Its a blue colour with everything you need.

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Will walked into the fast food place.He wasnt hungry so he went straight to a table, he would eat later, he needed to write down his thoughts. He took a piece of paper and a pen from his backpack. He began to write.

'To myself
Today Chloe broke up with me.I knew it was coming. I was at the beach waiting for it to happen.I meant all the things I said and I knew how it felt to be like Tanith, ignored.I loved Chloe and I still love her but if she can not see that then there is no future for us.Like Tanith, I cared and care for Chloe but she just throws people to the side when she gets bored with them.Its a bit cruel saying it but its true.I feel Chloe doesnt care for me the way I care for her.I see now how love works, you love some you lose some.I clearly have to look for the right person but there will always be a place in my heart for Chloe.'

He wondered should he write this into a letter for Chloe.He needed a second opinion.(Envy?)

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Will looked up "Hey Envy, how are you?" he asked smiling half-heartdly.

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Will laughed "Not a stupid question. Im great, I knew this day would come soon."He replied, looking at the paper.

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"Oh just a piece of paper.I wrote down my thoughts and stuff, it helps me to calm down."He replied calmly and pushed the paper forward "You can read it, and tell me what you think if I change it to a letter to Chloe if you want." he said smiling.

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Will shrugged "I dont know, maybe, maybe not." he replied.

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Catt (furu) ((Hihi!))

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Catt (furu) ((Boring..As usual..Hiya!))

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Will smiled "Thank you, Envy." he replied "Would you wait on me here if a I left her something?" he asked her, while already jotting down a letter neatly.

'Dear Chloe.
I loved you and I will continue to love you and I hope you will do the same for me.I will always hold a special place in my heart for you, ALWAYS, no matter what.I care for you and I will always.I dont mind if you can not love me in any way and continue being bored with me, I understand but I will feel the same as I feel now. Love Will.'

He smiled as he re-read it.

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Will nodded to Envy "Be right back."He murmured and then he ran off with the letter.

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Catt (furu) Tara walked into Bigger Port and saw Envy. "Hey" She said and walked over

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Catt (furu) "How's life?" Tara asked and took a seat,in the same booth as Envy.

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(Im replying at his house.)

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Silver ((Islanzadi meet Cecilia for icecream?))

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Catt (furu) ((Sure!))

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(Bye Abby see ya soon!)

Will walked into Bigger Port and smiled over to Tara and Envy.He sat at a different table so he didnt interupt.

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Will looked up from his phone and smiled at Chris.

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Will laughed inside himself, he knew Chris was protective of Chloe."Chloes fine now I guess." he replied and looked back at his phone.

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Will stood up and left the Bigger Port.

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Catt (furu) Tara sighed and ordered frys.

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``Cya tomorrow-Logan``

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Catt (furu) Are you sad? Did I make you sad? I'm sowwy! Tara texted him

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Catt (furu) Ok..Well if your still going to dinner with your family..Can I come with you?Or would you rather I don't? Tara replied

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Catt (furu) "Bye Envy!" Tara said and waved

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``Come if you want, its tomorrow by the way.See you then! Goodnight and bye-Jale`` he texted back.

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Catt (furu) ((BYE!))

Ok,see ya then! Nighty night!♥Tara Tara then put her phone away and left Bigger Port.

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Clarity walked into bigger port and ordered some fries and a cola.She took them to Chloes table "Boy probs?" she asked. "Your Chloe right?"

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"Yes, Clarity." Clarity replied sitting down. "Envys stepsister." she added a little spitefully."You know if you keep hiding your problems its not good." she said gazing off into the distance.

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Clarity snapped out of it "Pardon? How did I know what?" she asked confused.

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"Oh you looked full of problems." Clarity said shrugging.She gazed out the window and popped a frie in her mouth.

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Clarity smiled "Its easier to confide in people you dont know, though no offence but it sounds like you dont treat people so well." she replied looking at Chloe.

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"Well ive got to go, goodbye and if you ever need to talk to a stranger then you know where I am maybe." Clarity said, finishing off her food and drink.She stood off and wandered home.

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