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What happened to her company?

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Julie Does anyone have any information on what became of Karen Logan's "Life on the Planet" company?

Her phone numbers have been disconnected, and the web site is dead.

Perhaps she was just ahead of her time. If she's still out there somewhere, she might want to consider re-starting her business because more and more people are heading in the direction she was when this was published 11 years ago.

Isabel Batteria Hi, Julie! Although this answer comes nearly 5 years late, I hope it's useful. I just discovered that she has a blog ( with a few posts, the last of which was two years ago. She also explains that she had to stop running her home-based business when doing that and parenthood was too much to handle at the same time. However, she states in her blog that she plans to restart the business shortly (although two years have passed since that announcement and nothing has been done yet). Her contact information is updated there (again, as of two years ago; I hope it's still current).

I just picked this book (bought it second-hand from someone I knew) and was a little disappointed to learn that I couldn't get the products she offers in the book. But it's ok. When I opened the book, I hadn't expected that I could buy the products or materials. I thought I was going to make them myself, so I'll maintain that mind set and get to work!

I hope this information is still useful to you, or is to anyone lurking around this site.

Julie Thank you, Isabel! I think you'll enjoy making your own cleaners. I don't miss the store-bought ones at all. About the only store-bought cleaners I use now are toilet bowl cleaners, which dramatically reduce cleaning time.

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