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So, I have an old question...who is your favourite Jane Austen guy and why?
Emily Emily Apr 20, 2011 06:01PM
I've read all of Jane Austen's books and just love them, but really can't decide who my favourite fella is. What do you think? And why? Mr.Darcy...Edward Ferrars... Colonel Brandon...Mr.Knightley...

The selfless acts of Mr. Darcy, as well as the intricate way his character develops throughout the book. The reader discovers more about his initial dark and brooding nature, and later his apparent intolerance for another, and after all is said and done, his inability to control his tumultuous feelings for Elizabeth Bennett. The mystery is within the character of Mr. Darcy himself, which makes his character the most essential of all of Austen's characters.

i am not sure i could put up with darcy ... ( i would happily put up with colin firth comming out of the lake !!) .. he would drive me up the bend ...
i think i am going to plump for brandon , i like his simplicity

although the most romantic couple for me are still from persuasion , i love the ending it makes me cry every time

Yes,I agree with Gabrielle, it is Fitzwilliam Darcy for me as well. I would love to debate someone of his intellect.

Mr. Darcy is a dreamy conception and is really difficult to surpass; but Mr. Knightly is my favorite, I guess because he mixes the best qualities of a 'well-bred gentleman as Jane Austen meant in using the term, with those of an active and practical man of labor within his community, very aware of his neighbors and their personal circumstances, and looking out for the well-being of those to whom he could offer a helpful service or exert a positive influence. He is a very thoughtful and considerate man, but still rugged and upright and outspoken when the occasion warranted.

I like Mr. Bennet. :)

Haha Mr. Darcy is my guy! I LOVE him! I love Edmund and Mr. Knightley too, well I like them all, but for me its Mr. Darcy. He's such a puzzle at times, he's quiet and serious, sweet and loyal to those he loves, he only wants whats best for everyone, because of his love for Elizabeth he pays off a man he despised debts and before that searched for him when he had no reall reason other than Elizabeth to look for Lydia and Wickham. Haha hope it all makes sense, its all in my head but its hard to write it down.

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