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A Bad Novel

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Dhfan4life I read this series eons ago as a teen myself. And I guess the author was keeping with what a typical teen girl would view as important about their outfit. So as far as describing clothes go I don't mind that. It is just when some authors that write teen books throw in a ton of "OMGs, she said what?!?!?, And then I was like and then he was like... crap like that annoys the living day lights out of me as I never talked like that nor did my friends.

Effy Does anybody find the details in their clothing to be annoying? I find the details particularly distracting.

Dhfan4life I know this is a bit dated. But I remember reading some of this series as a teen. And I don't think this book was inappropriate at all. I agree that Lynne Ewing did a great job depicting each of the girls so differently. From all angles. From the goth side, preppy, artsy, and even from what most would think is the typical bad girl's side of things in Jimena's side of things. But I don't think it is inappropriate at all as never every teen girl out there lives the most idealistic life and some do live on the "wrong side" of the tracks. Doesn't make them any less real of people with a story to tell though.

Tanecia wait i dont understand how the book was innapropiate......

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I dont think it was interily innapropriate, some teenagers act that way, not all of them are good kids, they do things out there because they feel they need to. I think Lynne did an amazing job showing this and how teens act and react to different things. I will admit the last three book I really didnt like that much, but it is a good seris.

And Serena and Jimena are my favorites!

Lilian yeah ik bro..

Joyce Sorry I get a little like that wen ppl put up not so good comments if ya didn't like it do not read it

Lilian Joyce wrote: "Okay who ever put this topic DON'T READ THE BOOK if ya didn't like was a bestseller and A LOT of ppl still read them"

yeah i read it like 2 months b4..goshh

Joyce Okay who ever put this topic DON'T READ THE BOOK if ya didn't like was a bestseller and A LOT of ppl still read them

Emily Blake I actually really like this book. I like the whole series. Sometimes it did get old, but I just took some time off and it was fine.

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