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Zarha, the groove bringer | 3 comments So there's not really any discussions so I decided to start one for discussing animals, what made you become vegetarian/vegan, facts about meat or vegetarianism/veganism and so on and so fourth.

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Kaytrina | 1 comments Mod
I was born a vegan.My parents saw videos and facts about the mean ways the people kill/get milk and eggs from an animal,so they went vegan before I was born.

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Cindy-lynn | 1 comments I grew up a meat eater and now that I have been living on my own for more than 5 years, I realized that there are other options that will not hurt animals... I kinda regret not starting this earlier. I do not eat any animal meat or products made from the animal meat but still consume dairy products and occassional fish. I think it is better to cut down slowly than doing it drastic. It's been more than 10 months I have not eaten any meat and my next step is to cut on fish. The only this I really find hard is that I don't have any friends/family that does the same thing as me and really support it. My boyfriend of 6 years tries to be supportive but sometimes gets irritated that we can't eat at certain restaurants anymore. But all in all I do not regret my decision as I feel more energized and know I am doind the good thing!

Zarha, the groove bringer | 3 comments There's a more active vegan/vegitarian group if anyone is interested

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Karinne | 4 comments I have been trying to be a Vegitarian since I was 7 but I didn't succeed untill I was 10. I have been a vegitarian for a year and 28 days now.

Zarha, the groove bringer | 3 comments :) good job!

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Karinne | 4 comments Thanks!

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Tiffany Bahan | 2 comments I've been a vegetarian since leaving my parents house. My decision was based on too many reasons to get into here, but the most important motivators were the ethical implications of a meat-eating lifestyle. I used to periodically fall off the wagon, but I have always returned to what I believe is the most socially responsible approach to diet and spirit. It's normal to break down here and there if you were raised on meat, but over time, it gets easier and there are no more falls.

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Karinne | 4 comments Very, very true. The hardest thing for me is when some things have hidden meat products in them, like jello. Then it is harder to catch when you are slipping of the wagon.

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Tiffany Bahan | 2 comments I agree. I hope to switch to veganism in the future, but having eating meat for so many years, I find it easier to adjust to one, before switching to the other. In fact, when I first went vegetarian, I had all sorts of trouble. I was forever falling off the wagon for hot dogs! Disgusting, but true. I guess they don't look as meaty as say, chicken wings, but they're still nasty. Fortunately, things get easier with time, and it is always worth it to dust off and try again.

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Karinne | 4 comments I probably won't become a vegan because I don't know if I personally believe it is possible, just with so many things containing meat...

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Marieange (marieangebouchard) Hi, all! I'm Jo. I've been a vegetarian for about 4 years now... wouldn't mind going vegan but I LOOOOVE cheese :pouts: I don't know how some people do it lol :P

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