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Ok, I'm going out on a bit of a limb here, but there was already a thread devoted to horror video games so I figured the precedent had been set. This is something which I have been dying to discuss with someone, but which really doesn't fit in anywhere. It isn't really "video game-y" enough for most game nerds and it seems like all the people who truly should experience it simply aren't the video game type.

To say that this is unlike any other video game would be a massive understatement. Often when trying to describe it to someone the only points of reference I can come up with are Naked Lunch and David Lynch. Suffice to say, this isn't exactly horror per se but its delving into the forbidding and violent realms of the unconscious make it perfect for discussion in this group.

Essentially, the story develops around a team of assassins known as the Killer 7. The eponymous 7, however, are actually 7 personae of one assassin which can be switched between via television or closed circuit cameras. The game takes place in a time where world peace is largely a reality, except for the presence of an anarchistic terrorist group known as "Heaven Smiles" which are basically invisible zombies which explode when they touch something (ok, things are getting weird). This is coupled with a Bay of Pigs-esque confrontation between America and Japan which is used to explore the corruption of the political systems in both countries--and gets mired in their respective murky underbellies.

The player controls the Killer 7, receiving hits sometimes through a friend and sometimes through the television. Largely, the only people you interact with in the game are the ghosts of previous kills (which have no eyes and speak with scratchy, backwards robot whispers). Another recurring character is the head of a teenage girl who seems to have killed herself and continually pops up in dryers and boxes. Also, the player beefs up the Killer 7 by bringing blood to a doctor who lives in a television(!) and having it converted into some sort of serum.

This game has some of the most beautiful and highly stylized artwork I've ever come upon (I've included links to a few images below) provided with game play unlike anything really out there. Obviously the story is a bit different as well. I honestly think that this is one of the most wildly original pieces of art in the past few years, as well as a strong example in the case for video games as art.

To anyone with even a fleeting interest I highly recommend Killer 7. This is the epitome of love-it-or-hate-it but absolutely joyous as an experiment. I'm playing through it again for the 4th time(!) and just loving it. You can probably get it really cheap used now for Gamecube (meaning you can play it on Wii with a Gamecube controller) or Playstation 2. So if you have any time...check it out.






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You seemed like you were flirting with the idea of picking up a good horror game earlier, Rob; if you still have any of that interest you should definitely check it out! I can guarantee that you won't really find anything else quite like it.

Yeah, it was out on Gamecube. I remember seeing pictures of it before it came out and being stunned. Coupled with what little I knew about the plot, I was really anticipating this game for a long time, and I think it was completely worth the wait.

I think you said that your kid has a Gamecube, right? If so, I'm sure its super cheap now. It got a really mixed response just because it was so completely bizarre. Probably won't want to play it around the kids though! Other things I forgot to mention are a character who slits her wrist to destroy barriers, and the fact that if one of your characters dies you can revive them by finding their head in a paper bag and bringing it back to a television. It almost feels too dismissive to call this game weird, but...its really fucking weird!

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Phillip i am so lost in this discussion! i don't even have a game system. poor old 20th century me.

Tera (TheBookishAbyss) Hmmm, Mike, may be something I need to pick up. We have to get our Wii fixed, which plays Gamecube games. My youngest stuffed it with game cds and we can't get it to work now, even though I'm pretty sure I got all the cds out. Althought, if there is a pc version....

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Marie (librarydaisygmailcom) My daughter is dying for an Xbox so she can play Bioshock. She played it at her cousins house and said it scared the pants off her.
The scariest game I ever played was American McGee's Alice. I'm a wimp.

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Marie (librarydaisygmailcom) It is a computer game and I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. It is twisted and I love it. Alice's family has died in a house fire and she is in a mental institution. She goes back into Wonderland and it is a very dark and scary place to be. There were talks of turning it into a movie, but it never turned into anything. Now Tim Burton is supposed to be doing Alice In Wonderland, and Frank Beddor is turning his Looking Glass Wars into a movie, so American McGee's Alice may never get made. Sad.






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George | 157 comments Bioshock is one of the very top games for the 360, once I started playing it, I became completely emersed and did little else at home until I played it through the end. I highly recommend playing it.

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Bioshock really is pretty great, though it suffers from the same thing many horror video games do: if you give the player many cool abilities the horror begins to wear off and it becomes action. It has a lot of brilliance and is certainly a great game, but beyond a couple great moments I would hesitate to call it horror.

RE: Alice, has anyone seen the Jan Svankmajer Alice story "Neco z Alenky?" It, again, has moments of complete brilliance and I think his nightmarish stop motion vision fits the source material quite well.

Tera: I don't think Killer 7 ever came out for the PC. It was meant to be a Gamecube exclusive during a short (and great) push to bring more original games to the Gamecube, but it was eventually ported to PS2. As far as I know, that's the only other system its on, though.

Rob: I'm going to refer to you as Big Gamer Rob from now on.

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Marie (librarydaisygmailcom) Mike, I have seen that one, we have it at our library. Odd little film, but interesting to watch. The caterpillar was just a sock wasn't it?

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It's been a little while since I've seen it, but yeah, I think the caterpillar was a sock. :)

If you're interested, his most recent film ("Lunacy") is really impressive, as well as really difficult. Significantly darker subject matter than "Neco z Alenky" but uses stop motion coupled with live action just as strangely.

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George | 157 comments GGM: and where were you planning on placing it?

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Dear Big Gamer Rob, and Tom Clancy's Red Rabbit (aka George),

I will be getting my "I Love Juno" tattoo on the small of my lower back so that when I wear my pants that say "Juicy" on the butt everyone can see it.

Also, I plan on getting a tattoo of a girl in a bikini on my bicep like my hero Diablo Cody.

Gilmore Girls Mike

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George | 157 comments too bad the avatar picture isn't big enough to do that justice.

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Eric killer 7 is pretty cool. i think it's biggest draw is for its aethestics and story than all around gameplay (biggest flaw, in my opinion). but definitely have to agree that it is an easy recommend for the bizarre, since last time i checked less than 15 bucks at gamestop.

alice for the PC is awesome! played it a few years ago (but never got around to beating it).

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Hey Eric,

I'm glad you've played it! Yeah, I think the gameplay is what tripped a lot of people up simply because of its semi-repetitive nature. But, to be fair, I think Suda51 (the creator) was trying to simply undermine every expectation of what a video game could be or had to be. Again, it definitely is a love it or hate it type, and there are times when I'm playing it where the action gets a little dull, but the sheer joy I have in knowing that such a thing was created at all completely outweighs any complaints on my end.

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