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human characters here

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Lunabell Name: Clara
Appearance: Long, wavy black hair, blue eyes
Age: 16
Other: Coordinated, smart, has always believed in the paranormal, keeps a lookout for it every day...

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Nightshade MY TURN!!!

Name: Allie
Age: 14
Appearance: Long, dark brown hair that everyone always thinks is black, stormy gray eyes
Personality: friendly, nice, really smart, shy around people she doesn't know but outgoing around friends, likes to play the piano, HATES it when people think she's not smart, loves to read, is a good artist
Extra: is very perceptive- can usually guess what others are thinking by watching them

Allie was the first name that I really liked when I was looking at a names website. It means 'noble!' Well, Allison does. Allie is a form of Allison, and I know an Allie, so.... :D

A Filthy Youth groupie | 3 comments Name: Dimitri
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: long, straight, black hair with pink highlights, green eyes with long thick eyelashes, thin, pale but not vamp pale, about 5'6"
Personality: confident, independent, outgoing, intelligent
Extra: writes poetry

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Elise (dramadiva96) | 1 comments I'm not going to engage in roleplay but i think there should be a human guy
Appearance: Tall, muscular, dark tan, short deep auburn hair.
Personality: Loud, sporty. Popular but is not happy
Extras: nice... likes quiet girls more than the hot cheerleaders that are always after him
Plz use him! I dont care who.
Secrets: Never kissed a girl, dad was turned into vamp and didnt remember him

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This group has seriously died. Very badly.

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