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Help me find book clubs who want free galleys!! Here's why: As a marketing coordinator at a major publishing house, I always seem to have extra galley's for soon-to-be-published books. When this happens, I love sharing them with book clubs (anywhere from 1-2 reviews copies TO enough copies for all bookclub members!) sometimes for review purposes and sometimes just to share the love. If you are in or know of a book club that might be interested in contacting me and joining my "book clubs who want free galleys" list, please contact me at .

message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim Baccellia | 1 comments Oh, I'd love some free galley! Especially from any YA books you might have. I'm a YA reviewer for ENCHANTING REVIEWS. Isn't the new P.C. Cast's book UNTAMED with you guys? And also the upcoming Alyson Noel's paranormal book?

message 3: by Christi (new)

Christi (librarychristi) | 1 comments I have both a high school book club and a middle school book club at my library. We'd love to get any copies you would have to share! You can email me at cfarrar at minlib dot net (my work email) and I'll give you more details.

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Shayna (shaynasaur) | 2 comments I'd love some free galleys! I'm trying to get my book blog, http://bibliophilialovestory.wordpres..., off the ground, and I think putting up some reviews of super-new books would really help! My school also has a pretty small YA section in the library, so I'd love to help them out too.

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