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Halfback Tough by Thomas J. Dygard

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Edweezy | 3 comments Thomas’s book Halfback Tough is a great book. Joe Atkins has to make the hardest decision. He has to choose in between staying a criminal or becoming a person in life and play football. Being a football player is a lot of work. Especially if you practice more and keep trying to make yourself better. Joe decides to make the right choice and become a better person. He becomes a great player. But when things started going good for him it all went upside down. His friends started showing up. And they were trying to make him who he was. He liked who he was now and he didn’t want to change it. If I was in his situation I would do what was best for me. Because I like to prove that I’m able to accomplish my dreams. I never give up on anything. I recommend this book to any age group they should really give this book a chance.

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