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Ready or Not

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Andie I loved this book! Very well written and just fantasic!

Jenna Pendzich I thought it was okay, but I thought the first one was way better! I think Meg Cabot is taking a note from Judy Blume's book about the whole different types of birth control. It sounds like something Judy Blume would write.

Emma first book was way better, but still worth reading.

Hannah Not as good as I was hoping/suspecting considering the first book is one of my all time faves !

Kimberly Charleston I really like that book, I think that throw that book Meg Cabot is passing a message to teenager she also shows how some girls feel about "MAKING IT" for the first time.

Mila *You Are In The Presence of Amazingness* I like the first book better, but this one was still really good.

Stenedria Honestly, I'm not a fan. The main character talks/worry/obsess over sex too much.

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