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Raising the screen

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Hi Lena,
I wish you lots of success with your book, I am thoroughly enjoying reading through it (and loving the great photgraphy) and plucking up the courage to give my first screen print a try as my boyfriend bought me a screen printing kit for my birthday (such a fantastic prezzy!)

I just wanted to ask your opinion on raising the screen slightly off the surface whilst screen printing. I notice you do not mention this in your book but have seen it suggested to allow the screen to pop up off the fabric after moving the squeedge across and prevent the screen sticking to the fabric. Perhpas this is only necessary for certain surfaces or maybe it is not needed at all? Either way I would appreciate your opinion,
Many thanks and all the best
Becky (www.mon-petitlapin.blogspot.com)

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Lena (lenacorwin) | 65 comments Mod
hi becky,
so glad you're enjoying the book. thank you!
i don't raise the screen from the surface when printing. i didn't learn to screen print it in that way, so i never have. it's possible that this is a method used for plastisol printing (thicker oil-based ink), rather than water-based, but it also might just be a different method. there is a lot of trial and error in screen printing, so it is something you could certainly experiment with. but it's not necessary.
have fun!

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