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Justin Hyman (whoisthismuaddib) | 3 comments These are my top ten from my blog about a year or so ago. Anyone have any additions:

10. It that an 11 Inch Ollivanders with a Phoenix tail feather core in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
9. Potter? I barely know her.
8. That's not a portkey, but dont let go.
7. I'm a horse where it counts. (centaurs only)
6. Wanna fly with Oliver Wood?
5. You know, seventeen is legal is the Wizarding World.
4. Care to see whats behind the Veiled Arch?
3. This one time, at Hogwarts, I stuck a Wand in my pensieve.
2. That's not a snitch but don't take it out of your mouth.
1. Wanna see my fully formed Partonus. It takes the form of a stag.

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T.K. Kenyon | 7 comments Harry's been polishing his wand/broomstick again.

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