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What the Cabot? *SPOILERS*

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Jane Marie First off if you haven't read the book yet and don't want to know what happened then don't read on, I'll give you some time...
Okay, so onto the discussion. What the Cabot!? I finished this book a week ago and can't stop thinking about it. I can't figure out if I liked it or not.

Here are the things that bugged me most:

1. In the first book, I feel in love with Luke just as Lizze had. So in the 2nd one why does she make him look like, well, like a jerk? The not so-prince-charming she thought he was.

2. Shari, gay? How did that happen, I definitely didn't see THAT one coming. I thought her and Chaz were great, couple of the year for me! But by the end of the book I was definitely digging her and Pat, it's was kind of cute, okay really cute. I was glad that Shari was happy!

3. Lizze and Chas almost hooked up, I can't figure out my feelings on that.

4. The last friekn' sentence of the book! And no answer!! Who does Meg think she is?! Making me wait a year for the next book?

I was shocked, disappointed, confused, and just plain curious about this book. How did she do all of this in one book?

Final Question: What do you want Lizzie to say to Luke?

--Jane Marie

Christina I definitely agree with you about the ending - after reading a whole book, it seems like Cabot just wants us to go out and buy another one of her books. Really, really cheap in my mind.

The Chaz thing - I'm unsure, too. I think that if Luke and Lizzie really hadn't worked out, then they could have been a couple. But we'll see what happens in Book 3.

I think that making Luke look like a jerk was probably a natural progression - after all, once you start living together, as Lizzie says in the book, the romance starts going away. However, I think the bigger issue is his not wanting to get married and then just proposing to her a week after she freaks out when he gave her a sewing machine. Maybe a little too forced?

I think we all know she said yes...given that the title of Book 3 is "QoB Gets Hitched".


1.) They were a super-cute couple, and I had predicted them to end up together, but no relashionship can go off without a hitch. Plus, what fun would perfection be?

2.) I am on a role with these books! I also predicted that would be what was up with Shari and her boss. They ARE cute, and Shari does deserve to be happy, as do we all. :)

3.) Hmmm. Lizzie and Chaz... I think they could make it work.

4.) I'm all for cliff hangers, but that was just plain mean! Lol, jk.

Finally; I think.... I don't know what to think! Lol, she should be like, " I have your best friend upstairs in my warm bed; it's cold out here. Nothing has happened between us yet, woo me!!!"

That's all I have to say!!!


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Kim I'm hoping Lizzie marries Chaz. I didn't read the first book, so Luke just came off as a jerk, and Chas seems really warm and caring.

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