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message 1: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
add characters!! Roleplay!

message 2: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (last edited Aug 24, 2008 09:04AM) (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
Out line:






Hair Color:


did I miss something?

message 3: by Kota (new)

Kota Name: Royce aka Roy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Type: Elf
Status: Royalty
Looks: Tall, Knee lenth wavy brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, with pale skin.

message 4: by Kota (new)

Kota Oooh! Oops, I'll Re-Do.

message 5: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (last edited Aug 23, 2008 04:42PM) (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
Name: Zoe

Gender: girl

Eyes: Electric blue

Hair Color: caramel brown

Species: Faerie

Personality: kind, caring, funny, sarcastic, likable, fun-loving, curious, mischievous.

message 6: by Kataury (new)

Kataury name:Jagran
Personality:Somewhat coldhearted shell but there are some soft spots beneath the skin. Loyal and very cunning. A master strategist.

message 7: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
yay someone else!

message 8: by Kataury (new)

Kataury I'm totally in this one! haha!

message 9: by Kota (new)

Kota Yay!

message 10: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod

message 11: by Kataury (new)

Kataury alright let's do it!

message 12: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
oh lemme add something to Zoe: She's so different from all the other faeries. and the older the faerie, the larger. so Zoe is really young, so she's small.

message 13: by C'est Moi ♪ (last edited Aug 25, 2008 11:42AM) (new)

C'est Moi ♪ Name: Kristalynn
Gender: Girl
Eyes: Lavender to violet
Hair: Silky black, a little above waist length
Species: One third driad, one third demon, one third human.
Personality: Patient, doesn't talk much. Generous. Can be stubborn and seems mysterious to some other people.
Other Appearance: Slender and around 5'8"-ish. Graceful with black angel wings. Ivory skin. Stunning. Can shape-shift at will, but sticks with those characteristics most often. Immune to the elements :) Able to duplicate herself. Talks to animals and trees (driad/dryad part of her).

message 14: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
yay!! new person!!!

message 15: by C'est Moi ♪ (new)

C'est Moi ♪ Woo! :)

message 16: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod

message 17: by Kataury (new)

Kataury wait do you mean dryad? OR really driad?

message 18: by C'est Moi ♪ (last edited Aug 23, 2008 06:08PM) (new)

C'est Moi ♪ whichever one?...wait, what's the difference?

message 19: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
yah, what's the difference?

message 20: by Kataury (new)

Kataury Dryad is a denizen of the forest. Driad's I didn't know exist. I don't know what driads are. They aren't real I think.

message 21: by C'est Moi ♪ (new)

C'est Moi ♪ Uh...I think it can be spelled both ways ._.? It's like the same thing.

message 22: by Kataury (new)

Kataury I've never heard of that but okay.

message 23: by Kim (last edited Aug 23, 2008 06:18PM) (new)

Kim Name:hazel
Hair Color:dirty blonde
personality:adventurous troblemaker

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 28 comments Name: Kathy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Blonde hair with color-changing streaks, brown to red to purple to blue depending on mood
Species: half witch, half necromancer
Personality: her temper get's bad if you mess with her but she's usually very nice, she likes to have her friends around and is nice eventhough she's part necromancer :D

message 25: by Kataury (new)

Kataury ohhh! A necromancer! nice touch!

message 26: by Kataury (new)

Kataury huh... I just realized that somehow I'm all the guy characters.

message 27: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod

message 28: by C'est Moi ♪ (last edited Aug 24, 2008 08:25AM) (new)

C'est Moi ♪ Lol, I'll create a guy...

Name: Oliver
Gender: Guy
Age: 16
Eyes: Hazel-green
Hair: Auburn. Covers part of his eyes but not all of it...
Race: Part elf, part human
Personality: Funny, nice, sometimes stubborn and reserved. Helpful and adventurous.
Other: Spy (for the good guys, of course) Invisibility.

message 29: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
Name: Sapphire

Gender: Girl

Age: immortal

Species: one of the last water spirits.

Eyes: Always changing with her mood... but the only colors are silver, black, blue, and periwinkle.

Hair: long and silvery, draping around her frame.

Personality: nice, stubborn, adventurous, likable, charming, caring, charming.

Other: She's really, pretty, and she can shape-shift.

message 30: by C'est Moi ♪ (new)

C'est Moi ♪ Just like Kristi's power...haha...

message 31: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
hahaha. but she's a water spirit, so she can disappear and stuff like that.

message 32: by Kota (new)

Kota I'm only gonna have 1 character! Sometimes I lose tack with more.

message 33: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 24, 2008 02:00PM) (new)

name: marisol


age:immortal, apears 18

species:fire spirit


hair:golden with orange high lights

personality: wise, nice

other: she is absolutley stunning, when she gets mad she bursts into flames, she only wears red, orange, yellow, and gold

message 34: by Daisy (last edited Aug 24, 2008 09:11PM) (new)

Daisy whats a necromancer?
Name: Lilian (lily)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: changes with mood
Species: half human, half pixie
Personality: Very nice and calm and you have to really make her mad before she freaks shes quiet and basically all around fragile

message 35: by Kayli 500 (new)

Kayli 500 Name: Jesse

Gender: Female


Appearance: Buzzed cut haircut and orange hair, wears hoody sweatshirts and sweatpants, anyone could mistake her for a boy. Hazel eyes, brown hair.

Species: Witch

Personality: gets annoyed easily, frustrated, happy, and loves to joke around

message 36: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
Name: Zalia

Gender: Female

Age: immortal

Eyes: pitch black

Hair: purple with green streaks

Species: Dark Spirit

Personality: Evil, mean, unmerciful, unforgiving, ruthless, stubborn, selfish

message 37: by Kayli 500 (new)

Kayli 500 I'm not going to participate in this rp anymore

message 38: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod

message 39: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod
to kimberly: I MADE A BAD CHARACTER!!! THERE!!!

message 40: by Kim (new)

Kim thanks =)

message 41: by Angel♥, the ORIGINAL moderator. (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) | 1574 comments Mod

 ♥lil' bit :} (i put u in my popcorn tehe!!) | 17 comments name:natalia
speicies:witch/dark magic
power: dark magic (spells, lifting and controlling things with her mind, ect.)
personallity:sweet, tricky, can be very sarcastic, and angry
appearence: pretty,long brown hair with bangs, tips died gold, golden eyes when she gtes mad turns red
,attreactive, tanish skin, and has a scar on her right side of her face. its an x right next to her eye. she wears a black tank top, gray skinny jeans and a white and black hoddie that zipps up.
others: she is 15 and her dad wants her dead, she is looking for true love and has a bad temper.

message 43: by Xaris (new)

Xaris | 43 comments Name:Honami Hyuga
Appearance:Tall,Brown hair,Purple eyes,Tan skin. Outfit:Blue ninja outfit (cute),Black gloves,Boots.
Personality:Kind and sweet. Kinda sarcastic and if you get her mad you feel her wrath!!!!!!
Chakra (The thing that let's me do jutsu)type:Wind and Water.
Weapons:Large Fan,Shuriken,Wind chakra weapon.
Special Moves:Byakugan,Wind Jutsu,Shadow clone,64 Palms,Super Strength,Water clone,Water Snake,Summoning,Healing Jutsu,Etc!

message 44: by C'est Moi ♪ (last edited Aug 26, 2008 10:07AM) (new)

C'est Moi ♪ Name: Islianna (Islie)
Species: Part demon, part driad, part human.
Gender: Girl
Age: 16
Eyes: Pale blue-silver
Hair: Auburn, goes to a little below her shoulders. Ties part of it up, leaving the rest down.
Other: Tall, 5'9", and pretty. Auburn wings. Fangs. Somehow seems dark and mysterious, more so than her sister. Ivory skin.
Special Abilities: Invisibility, hypnosis, and fast speed. Works for Zalia; doesn't know Kristi is her sister because they were separated at birth.
Personality: Seems cold and evil, but is nice to the people she wants to be nice to. Clever.

message 45: by Kataury (new)

Kataury Okay so here are all the characters I'm playing who for some odd reason are all guys. I think it's cause everyone else are girls.
So I'm Johnathan, Oreno, guards and other male characters. um... And I'm Jag... and there's also oliver but I think he isn't played anymore.

message 46: by Kataury (new)

Kataury There's thirteen girls in this group.

message 47: by Daisy (new)

Daisy were you so bored you had to calculate how many girls were in this group or do u just like math?

message 48: by Kayli 500 (new)

Kayli 500 you talking about the rp?

message 49: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Katuary counted how many girls were in this group so I asked why she did that.

message 50: by Kataury (new)

Kataury Name:Kennel
Age:um.. like... 24?
Appearance: Flaxen hair with sky blue eyes.
personality:Serious and mysterious. They rhyme!
species:Half elf
Other: Is full of magical trinkets on his person. Always full of new surprises.

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