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Here you can describe yourself!

Hey im Meghan,my nicknames moo,I love to read,draw,write,sing, act, dance,be hyper,hang out with my friends, Shop,surf the net,swim,play football,laugh and read!I have a huge imagination! My dad died when I was three so I live with my mum, my 2 cats and my dog.My sister lives with her daughter and fiance.I play the keyboard and recorder,Im trying to learn the acoustic guitar just need new strings lol.I guess thats me! Chow for now :)

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Silver Hi im Rachel, I love to play violin, and then I like to play piano, but its not nearly as fun as violin. My mom's planning on eventually teaching me to play guitar, which will be a peice of cake compared to learning to play the violin, so I should learn fast.. I live with my mom and my dad and my five-year-old-first-grader sis. We're homeschooled.

and what exactly is your definition of a keyboard?

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look it up in the dictionary lol

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Silver i mean what is YOUR definition, because i really don't see much difference between that and a piano...

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oh right lol well its not a huge thing and its got music on it lol

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mama me ya??? (emo_love) hi i'm brandie, i play violin and guitar, i like to write poems and short stories along with drawng. my parents are separated and i have an evil stepmother, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. all my siblings are 20 years or older. i'm into vampires and other weird things like that....

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Silver well my keyboard (we're still saving up for a piano) has all kinds of sounds in it, and the keys are weighted and you can do dynamics on it so its alot like a piano... so i guess i play the keyboard then? lol

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yep :)
Why is no one playing the games :(

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Hi whats up I'm Maddy i play viola and a little guitar i have one older brother lots of pets i play soccer, volleyball, and softball. I also love music!

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♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 9 comments hi! wat's up? my name is rachel 2. u probably guessed that already, though. i play the piano and violin but i actually like singing the most. i live with my parents and evil younger sis. i am on a swim team. chow!

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Kayli 500 | 15 comments I'm Kayli. I love dancing girlscouts horseback riding and listening to music. I play the trumpet and I wanna learn to play keyboard. I wanna learn to play tennis and badminton. I live in Minnesota and I'm 14 years old. I'm going into 8th grade


Fav color: Blue

Fav song: Blue by Eiffel 65

Fav singer: Weird Al

Fav sport: Dance and Horsebackriding

Fav thing to do: Computer and listen to music and read and write

Siblings: Yes older than me so I'm youngest, brothers age:18 and 20. They're going to college

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