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[[a new role play with us and our Yoshi's!!]]

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((Lucas Delete this were still in r old one!))

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go back to the old one!!

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read it!

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((All Rite!))

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((Still in Prolouge))

"Will u marry me?" Pit asked Liliana

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"Ya of course, of course i was KO'd wen i woke up on the Island!!"

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((Ok Prolouge ends now lets strt the real story))

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[[make ur chacters on the character in gereral

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[[Start roll play here]]

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yeah uncle pit that would be cool! said Xavier jr he really wasn't him uncle but he was like on after all he and his father and been best friends for all time.

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((ill call older Pit dad ok?))

Dad: Fine w/ me but Pit has to go w/ u, Xavior too

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can u convince my dad?

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Dad: Of course i can *Goes to talk to Xavior*

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What is it?

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did X do something wrong?

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[[refer to Xavier jr as X he likes it better like that.]]

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no resone what is it

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Dad: Ur son wants to go on a cruise is it ok w/ u? Pit and Isabella will be w/ him

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NO! u do remember what happened we went on a cruise?!

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i won't allow for that happen to him my parents where devastated!! how do think i would fell? and its just me not me and rose just me!

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Dad: I no But the're the same age as we were they can handle themselves!

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[[his wife died two years before, her name was rose]]

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no i will not allow it, but maybe, only if jean goes with them. [[jean is his older sis i'll make her]]

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[[pretend rose had been stranded there when we when came back for a visit, so she had stuff.]]

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ok fine but jean has to go

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Pit: Hey dad i found this!

*Shows him his old sword, sheild, and flower *From WHirlwind**

Dad: U take tht w/ u on the cruise

Pit: Y?

Dad: U might need it but make sure it stays in good shape

Pit:Ok Thx Dad!

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Pit: Hey Sis look what dad gave me!

* Shows Weapons *

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Pit: Wow Kool!

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Dad: I agree

I wonder how Whirlwind is doing He thought

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[[pause rp for a sec]]

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((Got it))

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[[check out characters]]

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((I alredy saw Jean and the yoshi))

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[[ok but i made a yoshi]]

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[[lets start again]] "Hey jr i want u to take these on ur trip". Xavier gave him two hooked swords a golden knife and silk robes to were. "Gee thanx?" X replied and DON'T call me jr!

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((DUDE we alredy strted))

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Sr:Oh and ur sisters coming.

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Dad: Ok Pit its time for u to have fun
If u r in danger call Whirlwind


Dad:So i guess its time for u to go see ya Pit

Pit: Bye dad ,and mom!

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Sr: ur going on a cruise
Sr:bring this with u just in case ur mother wanted u t have it.

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By guys have fun! I'll miss u. X, use the knife to call blade. Jr:Whatever u say dad/ *rolls his eyes*

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jean say hi to pedal for ur mother. Jean:Who?
Sr: u'll find out

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Pit: Bye Mom!

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