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Josefina Lizette a c e. [☮] (acesetsthepace12) | 2 comments Hi my name is Liz. So far I'm read 3 of her books, which were awesome. I'm currently-reading Midnight Predator. I started today, but I'll finish tomorrow. =]

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Kaye (lexiconlover) | 4 comments Heyal, my name is most likely shown above. I've read all of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books except for Persistence of Memory, which isn't at my library yet. My favorite book of her's is Wolfcry.

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lady lady (samantha_ortiz) | 1 comments Hiyas. I've read all of Amelia's books to date and am awaiting the release of her next one.

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Laura | 1 comments So, it looks like people haven't posted in a while, but, I figure I'll introduce myself anyway!

Hey! My name is Laura! I absolutely adore Amelia Atwater-Rhodes! Apparently there is some reading that I'm going to have to do, as I didn't know about some of her newer books!

I'm going to say that my favorite book by her is In the Forests of the Night, closely followed by Hawksong.

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I feel like I stumbled into an abounded land. I'm Alexa, I'm ten, and my favorite books of hers are Demon in My View, Hawksong, Falcondance, and Midnight Predator. I've read all but one, and I loved them. Good day.

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