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Pwease Wead! Pwetty Pwease!

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message 1: by Fiona (new)

Fiona My story, "Beyond", isn't finished yet, but please read it! I've posted stuff EVERYWHERE!!!!!! http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/2...

message 2: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ i have to catch up on that... ;D

message 3: by Fiona (new)

Fiona I posted chapter 11 today :)

message 4: by Brigid ✩ (last edited Aug 23, 2008 07:02PM) (new)

Brigid ✩ hooray! XD i'll read it tomorrow... have to go to bed now... yaaaawn

message 5: by Fiona (new)

Fiona Hahaha good night!

message 6: by Ben (new)

Ben | 221 comments Mod
Hi everybody. Sorry I haven't been on lately. But I've been working on some new stories. By the way Chapter 5 of Between Dimensions is now officially posted on goodreads...

message 7: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellerobins) | 233 comments Mod
a while?? thats an understatement. youre like never on.

message 8: by Ben (new)

Ben | 221 comments Mod

message 9: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michellerobins) | 233 comments Mod
all is forgiven.

message 10: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ hi ppl!!! heehee

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