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liz (lizevans) | 67 comments Mod
The Wheel of Time - Book Two
The Great Hunt
by Robert Jordan

The second book of the series (originally designed to be a part of Book 1), begins in the north where some objects of great value are stolen by Darkfriends. Rand is forced to face the group he fears most: the Aes Sedai for fear of what they might do to him. Mat continues to slowly lose strength as an evil continues to grow inside of his body. Egwene and Nynaeve prepare to travel to Tar Valon to learn to be Aes Sedai, while Rand travels with Mat, Perrin, and the Lord Ingtar of Shienar in a quest to catch up with the thieves, and to save Mat.

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Kathy | 31 comments It's too bad that people are cheating before picking up The Gathering Storm. I would love to have some extra discussion about each book instead of jumping from one theory to the next. Thanks for the cover jacket synopsis, Liz. Appreciate it.

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Thiago Oliveira | 3 comments Hi. I'm from Brazil and I liked very much this serie.Here in Brazil just the first two books were published and I want to know the whole history. So I started to learn English to read the other books. Does the history keep going as epic as this first two books?
I'm sorry for any English mistake.

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Mach | 38 comments Yes Thiago it does become more epic. More plots and characters, it certainly expands.

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Thiago Oliveira | 3 comments Mach wrote: "Yes Thiago it does become more epic. More plots and characters, it certainly expands."

Thank you for repliyng, Mach.

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Herbert (novelnemisus) | 17 comments Yes here this series does expand and, expand and, expand much like a giant bubble. However the question is what will happen when the bubble bursts? For every bubble must burst...every, single, one. I really enjoyed this novel very much. I just wish that Loyal was more of a fighter is all.

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Leah | 18 comments This was a great follow up to Eye of the World. The story was great. Its nice to remember that Rand was once able to feel something towards his friends other then how to use them to get to his goals. He was genuinely worried about Mat and whether he would survive long enough to find what he lost. And its not like he doesn't care about his friends later, he just has the world to worry about.

I liked that it and the first book both were mostly from Rand and Perrin's point of view, especially since I can hardly stand it when its from Nyneave's point of view. Rand, Perrin and Mat are still some of my favorite characters and I absolutely adore Loial.

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