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Opening Ceremony > This is what George W. Bush said in an interview

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Anime Chick (Brittany ^ ^) (animechick) | 77 comments Mod
Guy: Mr. President, do you see our country having problems in the near by future or even now?

President: I see ur as a great nation and i dont think anything needs to change.

Guy: What about the war? What about polution?

President: I believe we have bigger concerns than that like the illiegal aliens.

Guy: If the war and polution keep going on, there wont be anything to govern. You sicken me."

isnt that just wrong??

message 2: by Silver (new)

Silver um.... i thought that was when the guy was talking about china having problems in the near future...

Anime Chick (Brittany ^ ^) (animechick) | 77 comments Mod
no, it was a private interview not shown on tv

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