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Jasmine Dgk Ramos   (modernscrolls) Name: Xena
Age: 16
Dorm: Puma
Personality: She loves to laugh and smile. She's compassionate and understanding and is the person to go to if you need to get things off your chest but don't know who to tell. She'll be your shoulder to cry on. She can be sarcastic.
Crush: OPEN

Other: Daniel's younger sister.

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Jasmine Dgk Ramos   (modernscrolls) Name: Daniel
Age: 17
Dorm: Lion
Personailty: He's kind of quiet and likes to keep to himself. He's a great runner and can play the guitar. He's always there to listen and can make a great friend if you get him to open up to you.

Crush: Open

Other: Xena's older brother.

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