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College Roleplay

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Hannah looked at her class schedule, excited when she saw her next class was drama club. She headed for the auditorium.

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Elizabeth knew her schedule by heart. She walked to her next class which was trigonometry. She passed Hannah as she walked.

♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (mariehastings) | 272 comments Kelcey exited the newspaper's office and walked outdoors. She put on her sunglasses and got out blank sheets of paper and a pencil. She started to write about the drama of breakups. She loved free period, and she adored the sunshine.

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Lilac walked to where the Shakespeare Players Unite were meeting. It was in the old theatre, but she didn't mind. She was playing Petruchio in the flipped cast of The Taming of the Shrew. All the girls had boy roles! Lucky for her she got the lead!

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Jade,towering over most, walked out side slipping on his aviator glasses and stopped a picking on someone,for some reason he just stuck up for the shorter people, maybe it was that he'd been the short one before his growth spurt,or maybe he had a kind heart. Who knows?

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it was his free period, he loved singing and acting,and was quite good, but what would everyone think about the quarter back and the captain of the football team if he was singing and acting on the stage? He had talked to the drama teacher and he was allowed to watch, ,she said she wouldn't tell anyone. He watched from a spot where no one could see him.So he spent most free periods siting in a room, that over looked the stage but could not be seen, watching the drama club learning the songs and lines with them.

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Hannah was playing in the upcoming school play, The Chronicals Of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. She had gotten the lead too! She was going to be playing Susan Pevensie, one of the four children to discover the magical land of Narnia. She was rehearsing in drama class.

((Thats real! Except, I haven't auditioned yet. I'm auditioning for Lucy, though. I'm really excited! It will be my first audition for a play...ever!))

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Elizabeth wondered if she should try out for chorus. She loved to sing, but was too shy to let anyone hear her. She was scared to hear criticisms. She didn't know what to do.

♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (mariehastings) | 272 comments ((Good luck! I was in Annie this summer! It rocked!))

Kelcey wrote a little more and then the bell rang. She shut her folder reluctantly and headed over to advanced calculus. She smiled a little at the numbers on the board and finished the assignment almost before it was given.

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the bell rang. time for Jade to go to advanced calculus. his watching was over.

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((Who did you play?))

Hannah finished her classes for the day and finally packed up her books. She decided she'd finish her homework later. She called a cab and left campus. She went to Papias Pizza Ria and ordered a few slices. While she was there she met a guy named Zack. They talked for a while and exchanged numbers before Hannah decided she had to work on her homework. They said their goodbyes and she left. When she was headed toward her dorm she bumped into Jade, knocking down his books. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" She said bending down to help pick up his books. She studied him for a moment. "I'm Hannah" She introduced herself.

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((Hate to break it to ya, but there aren't any bells in college. Too many buildings! Some campus's you take a BUS to get to your classes!))

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They were doing the relaxing thing when Lilac walked in. She quickly put her stuff down and assumed the position, lying on her back on the stage. She listened to Laura, their director, and concentrated on her breathing. When she was finally relaxed, Laura continued talking, and she helped them all to feel the sensation of sitting in a field of velvety grass, feel the suns rays, feel the sand sift between your toes, and even feel the sensation of floating. Everyone was sad when it was over.

((I've done this before! It's awesome! You actually can feel the suns rays! I even felt like I was floating!))

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((Ya, I went to summer camp at a college last year, and there were no bells, which made it extremely hard to get to my class on time after lunch! I was almost always late because I would forget about the time...

Can Hero, Elizabeth, Kelcey, and Hannah all share the same dorm or something? Or, they could have dorms next door to eachother maybe? Whatever works!

I have to try that! I love doing yoga! It sooths my inner soul!))

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"hi i'm jade" he said to her

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" bring heaven just called their missing an angle " he thought

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Hannah laughed. She stared down at the ground for a little while, before finally looking up. "Uh...I know this is kinda sudden, but do you wanna hang out some time?" She couldn't believe she'd just asked out a guy she'd just met 45 seconds ago! That was the thing about life...something can change in the blink of an eye!

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" u know i'd love to say 7 o clock i'll pick u up. u like Italian food right?

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"Sure" She turned around and headed to her dorm. When she closed the door, her cell rang. She answered.

"Hey Han, It's Zack"
"Oh...hi Zack!"
"I was thinking...want to catch a movie tonight? Around 9:30?"
"Uh...can I call you back?"

She hung up the phone. Now what am I supposed to do?

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((Play it by ear))

She called Zack back and said she'd meet him at the movies at 9:30. I mean, It's not like Jade and I are really going out, this is only our first 'date' if Jade even considers it a date.

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Hannah met Jade at the front of campus. "Hey" she said sheepishly when he walked up. "Ready to go?" He asked. "Uhhu, lets go!" She said happily.

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Lilac called Hannah, angrily. They shared a dorm. "Hannah?! What the heck do you think you are doing? Jade is SOO not cool!" she said into the phone practically yelling.

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"I'm just....testing the waters." Hannah said, into the speaker. "Relax! I'll pick one of them after tonight!" She whispered so Jade wouldn't hear. "Gotta go, we're eating at this really nice italian place!" She exclaimed before hanging up.

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"Hannah? Hannah?! Don't hang up on me girl?! What do you mean them?! Are there 2 of them!? You are SOO dead when you get home! You better hope your shampoo doesn't end up in your pillow case little missy!" screamed Lilac into the phone. She flipped it shut and went to drama club. Good thing she had to be angry in this scene!

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"I just met them both today! It's just 'hanging out' or whatever. And if there is ANYTHING wrong with my stuff, including gum in my bed!" She said, remembering the inncodent that had happened a while back when Hero found out Hannah had cheated on her math test.

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((Yup! =D))

"So, Jade..." Hannah started. "What are you studying to be?" She asked. "I'm in college to be an actress." She explained.

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well everyone thinks i'm gonna play football the rest of my life. But...Can u keep a secret?"

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"Uh...sure?" Hannah said, looking skeptically at him.

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Elizabeth shared a dorm with Hannah and Hero. She wasn't much of a people person, but she liked Hero. She was nice and Elizabeth felt she could trust her. A few guys had asked her out, but she was too shy to say yes. She was studying to be a lawyer, but she knew she had to overcome her shyness or she's never make it as an attorney.

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"U have to promise to tell no one! Well, here it goes. I hope to act on Broadway and Hollywood, i just love to sing and act." He said quietly.

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Hannah just stared at him. She didn't know what to say. "Follow you dreams" she said. The waitress came and she ordered a salad. Her cell rang. It was Zack. "Will you excuse me for a sec?" She said, heading towards the restroom.

"Hey...We're still on for tonight right?"
"Ya, ya, sure...but I gotta go. I'm...studying."
"Ok, bye"

She hung up and went back to the table. "Sorry about that" she said.

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"it's ok." he said. "u probably think i'm weird. don't u?

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"No, no!" She said. "I think it's great! Not many guys would...admit that!" She said with a smile. Her salad arrived and she started eating it.

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he half smiled and started eating a bread stick.

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"So...what are your hobbies?" Hannah asked. "I enjoy acting, and I one day hope to become a movie actress. I've starred in several different plays. I recently auditioned for the part of Susan in The Chronicals of Narnia. I got the role, too! She boasted. "What do you enjoy? Besides acting, of course"

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"That's great!" he said "well im sure you know i like football, i like writing and playing music and just writing!"

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When they were through with dinner, Jade drove Hannah back to campus. Waiting in front of her dorm, was...Zack. He was covered in...sticky stuff? "Zack what happened!" Hannah yelled as she ran over to him. "Well...your bunkmates covered me in..." Hannah didn't let him finish before she walked through the door. "Lilac!" She yelled.

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[[lol that's good!!]]

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"What? I thought it was Jade! I wasn't aiming for Zack!"said Lilac defensively. "I don't like Jade..." she said, growling. Something about him just set wrong with her.

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[[why does no one like my character?:]]

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((Because it's fun to have enemys in a roleplay!))

"Sure..." She said. Though she had already known Lilac didn't like Jade. She sighed. "Sorry Zack!" She apologized. "Do you want to...use our shower or something?" She asked akwardly. How lame was that? She asked herself.

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"Come on, there's nothing rigged in the shower. Then I'll give you guys some money and you can take her out for your date. My treat because I dumped stuff on you." she said smiling. You could tell she wasn't completely sorry.

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♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (mariehastings) | 272 comments ((I was a dancer! I think it was actually better than any of the main parts. And the costumes were so adorable! But itchy!))

Kelcey heard she was sharing a dorm with a several girls who all sounded pretty nice, but she'd never met any of them. She had wanted to write an article about relationships, but quickly changed her mind. Why not just focus on breakups? she thought to herself. She wrote and rewrote the article several times outside before heading to her dorm.

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Hannah sighed. She muttered something to Lilac, but nobody else could hear. "Come on Zack." Hannah said, leading him to their bathroom. While he was taking a shower, Hannah sat on her bed looking at each of her bunkmates. Kelcey looked as if she were writing a song, Elizabeth was sitting on her bed too and she seemed to be doing the same thing as Hannah. "Lilac...you knew it was Zack, right?" She asked. "But it doesn't matter...I had a totally boring time with Jade. All he could talk about was how he wanted to act, instead of play football." She sighed, and finally got up and knocked on the door. "Zack? Hurry up already!" She shouted.

♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (mariehastings) | 272 comments As soon as she into her dorm room she collapsed on her bed. She got up again soon, however, and started some of her Latin homework. She looked at the clock 4:49. Eleven minutes until she had Russian and Bulgarian.

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When Jade got back to his dorm he was smiling he flopped onto his bed. "what's up with you?" Jonah asked him. "oh i just meet this amazing girl." Jade said to him.

♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (mariehastings) | 272 comments Kelcey finished her Latin homework and got up. She though Russian was fun class, even though the teacher had a thick accent. She bumped into someone, apologized, and walked on.

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They finally left for their date, and the movie seemed to finish fast. He kissed her on the cheek and she headed back to her dorm. Hannah sighed. She had a few night classes to go to, so she didn't have time to go to her dorm. Ugh...

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