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Post ur collage characters here!

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name:Jade Steel
appearance:blond shortish hair white jeans and jacket, black t-shirt, blue eyes, also towers over everyone without being a giant.
status:Quarter Back
club:Football, school newspaper
Extra:secretly likes Lilac, and secretly likes to sing.Has freshman bro. on campus

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Name: Lilac Wylliams
Age: 21
Grade: Junior
Appearance: long dark wavy hair, dazzling green eyes with flecks of gold, average height.
Relationship: None
Status: Playwright
Clubs: Drama club, shakespeare performers unite, Sweet Ophelia (singing group)
Clique: Undetermined

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SAM (ilovemydogs578) | 673 comments Mod
name: Hannah Johnson
age: 21
grade: Junior
appearance: Long brunette hair, green eyes, 5.8' tall, often wears jeans and tank tops
relationship: None
status: Fashion Designer
club:vDrama Club, Young Designers Club
Clique: None
Extra: Sometimes shy, friendly to everyone, has a brother on campus named David.

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Name: Elizabeth Johnson
Age: 21
Grade: Junior
Appearance: Long Blonde Hair, Glacier Blue eyes, 5'6", Loves to wear blue jeans and camo bandanna.
Relationship: None
Status: Author
Club: Writing Workshop
Clique: None
Extra: Very unpredictable, Shy, Very outspoken, and doesn't have a lot of friends.

♥M♥A♥R♥I♥E♥ (mariehastings) | 272 comments Name: Kelcey Styndri
Age: 20
Grade: Junior
Appearance: Auburn hair that falls in ringlets, Hazel eyes, Slim, about 5'6"
Relationship: None
Status: Journalist
Club: School newspaper, TA for writing workshop
Clique: None
Extra: Outgoing, friendly, loves to sing but is very shy about it

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Jayden Kamari | 36 comments name: Jasper Wendlen
age: 21
appearance: long-ish curly brown hair, little taller than average height, wears jeans and random tee's
realtionship: none yet
status: baseball player
club: baseball, school newspaper
clique: none

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