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Here you can practise running and all your favourit sports. Theres also a a sports shack with all sports equipment. Happy RPing

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Silver ((there's the super-fast character, i forget her name. and then there's Yetta, the gymnastics queen, if this has track-and-feild stuff, maybe she'd be good at high jumping or long jumping or pole vaulting or something. and also Cecilia and Jezie like to play badminton.))

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Cale_Steps | 35 comments Perry grabbed a soccer ball from the ball cart and ran to the field. She scanned the bleachers for a worthy opponant at her favorite game.

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Cale_Steps | 35 comments When she found nobody, she started to dribble around on the field, her long legs stretching with ease. She did a couple of laps around before returning the ball and heading over to the bleachers. There was a big section of the stand cut off, obvious repair work being done. Perry sighed as she walked over to the bleacher and sat down, resting from her workout. As she sat down with such carlessness, she missed the sign that said, 'Caution, loose bleachers.' With no warning, the bleacher came tumbling to the ground, Perry quick enough to jump up and try to escape. Unfortunately, the bleachers ahead tumpled like dominos, falling flat on her left ankle, With an ear-splitting cry Perry floated to the ground. Her boyfriend came running, scooping her up in his arms and sprinting to the Nurses Office.

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