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message 51: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod

message 52: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod
It was a hard one, but I had to push through

message 53: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
I have that problem with quite a few books for this challenge. But I will finish them. It's important that you also read something you like if you don't it can be a real pain.

message 54: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod
I'm currently reading really slowly... I have a few books at home that I've started... one is Pillow Talk by Freya North and its a realy girl book which is just what I need at the moment :)

Also I'm reading The Red Queen, have you read it?

message 55: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
Yes I have. I read it when it first was published and I liked it. Although I have to say that I made the decision to treat the novels written by gregory as historical romance novels and not as books based in truth because than it gets on my nerve because she makes weird choices and assumptions and sometimes twists the truth as we know it from history to suit her story.

message 56: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith | 6922 comments That's an interesting debate - in historical fiction should you change manipulate the truth to write a more entertaining story that better suits a modern reader, or should you stick to the facts even if it makes your story dull?

I've got a novel by Tariq Ali called The Book of Saladin. In the introduction Ali said he doesn't agree with changing facts to suit a story, so I'm interested to see if it is still a good read.

message 57: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod
Hey you two
Barbara, Gregory actual admits that she doesnt always have all the facts and therefore she makes some of it up as she goes along.
But I agree, I read it not for all the facts, I just like the stories because I adore the people... but I must say that the way she writes sometimes irritates me to bits, but at other times its nice not having to trudge through all the history of it all.

message 58: by Barbara (last edited Jun 01, 2011 04:26AM) (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
It's not just that she doesn't have all the facts, but she sometimes changes facts to suit her or makes things up that are so ridiculous that it bothers me.
I don't mind that authors don't always stick to the facts. History is written by the conquerors so who knows what they have changed. But I hate it when authors pretend to base it on the truth as we know it and then blatantly change that truth.

message 59: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod
I agree with you there Barbara
Have you read the Constant Princess? That book made me soooo angry

message 60: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
I did and it did annoy me too, but then I decided to treat it as a ramance novel instead of historical fiction and than it is a great book. I think it was the book were I decided to do that with all her novels.

message 61: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod
When I looked at it as a Romance Novel it was a pretty little story. The only thing that really did annoy me very much is how much strategy she talks in the book, which really puts you off, I mean going from romance and love to the battle field. And I love KoA but in this book she sounds like a priss little b&^^%

message 62: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
Yeah too calculated in how she plans every thing out. it doesn't suit the time. I don't think it would even suit a woman in our time. Especially if you compare it with what we know about her being very religious and all. It just doesn't fit.

message 63: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod
Some of her books are really good, and then others come along that really put you off her.

message 64: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod

message 65: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod

25 - 1 part
30 - 1 part
31 - 2 parts
37 - 4 parts

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 12003 comments Mod
From what I can see:

Congratz Niecole!


message 67: by Niecole (new)

Niecole | 2404 comments Mod
Wooo hooo!
I have no idea what a sprite is but it looks super duper evil!

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