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message 1: by Debbie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:45PM) (new)

Debbie Moorhouse I'm not going to lay down rules about how we should be polite to each other, given that's bleeding obvious.

What I am going to ask is that people be sensitive to the possibility of spoiling books they've read for people who haven't yet read them. If you're going to reveal plot details, please put SPOILERS in your subject line. If a discussion doesn't have SPOILERS in the subject line, please don't post spoilers. Start a new thread instead.

Further, while I'm perfectly happy for us to discuss films or tv shows, please be careful in discussions to distinguish between books and the film/show of the book. Details are often different, and it's important to keep the two separate.


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Monissa | 87 comments Mod
Adding a new rule: don't join & spam, or you'll get deleted :)

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Tom Behr) (tom_behr) | 6 comments Hi all
I'm looking for people interested in reviewing my latest published novel, The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age ("Yes, it's THAT Nelson-Decatur reference ;-).
My hero, Henry Doyle, comes out of retirement at age 55 to stop Napoleon after Napoleon's escape from Elba and the start of the 100 Days. He should have stayed retired. He winds up captured and tortured in an Algerian dungeon. His half-brother, Peter Kirkpatrick, an American privateer captain, sets out on a daring but fool-hardy rescue attempt. (Decatur does show up as a character). His wife, Dihya, unaware of Peter's plan, decides to rescue her husband by becoming an odalisque in his captor's harem. She relies on her courage, sex, and a razor-sharp dagger.

Please respond to the email below if you're interested and let me know what version you'd like (Kindle or PDF). Thanks! Tom

While I'm working steadily on a new novel, I would be willing to review other members' historical fiction - ideally from this period or WW II.

message 4: by Tom (new)

Tom Behr) (tom_behr) | 6 comments Hi All
Here are three chapters for arm chair sailors from my novel The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age - The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age: A Henry Doyle Noveltwo sea battles and one nasty squall. Enjoy.

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