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Logan lives in a red brick cottage with his gran. It has three bedrooms,a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.Logans room is black and crammed with books and his writing.

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Logan sighed and trudged into the cottage.'Hey gran'Logan called into the living room, where his gran was watching a chat show.'Hey sweetheart, whats wrong?' she said not averting her gaze from the television 'Nothing gran' He replied walking up the stairs.'Apart from my first day at school, a friend gets kidnapped,finding out other people have powers,finding out someone killed my mother ,finding I have a brother and two sisters,Finding out my brother killed my parents but apart from that nothing.'He muttered closing his bedroom door behind him.

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Silver ((lol))

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Logan walked into the cottage whistling.'Gran do you mind if I invite a friend over?'Logan yelled to hs gran, who was in the living room. 'Of couse not dear' his gran yelled back.'Thanks Gran ' he muttered back grining.

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Logan rised up from his couch and ran down the stairs. 'Ill get it Gran!'Logan muttered opening the door. 'Hi Envy come in.' He smiled at the girl in the doorway.

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'Uh, do you want to meet my gran or talk in my room or kitchen?'Logan asked looking embarassedly at the living room

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'Uh my rooom?'Logan asked nervously.

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Logan smiled 'Up here'He said pointing to the stair.He started walked up the stairs to his room and opened the door for Envy.

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Logan blush 'Thanks, uh sit if you want.' he grinned gesturing at the couch.He sat on his unmade bed, looking around his room if it was the first time he'd ever seen it.

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Logan frowned and looked down 'Um well I like you Envy and you keep asking me so im ready to tell someone my power, just please dont laugh.Ill tell you mine if you tell me your power? I wont judge you.' he said looking up ather

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Logan looked at her with pleading eyes 'Im willing to tell you my secret.Please whats wrong? I can help, I promise. I wont give up' He said also with a pleading voice.

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Logan was a shocked but he kept it off his face. He moved quickly off his bed and sat beside Envy and hugged her.'Its ok you didnt mean it.' he whispered to her.

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Logan hugged Envy harder 'Ahh thats why yesterday was hard for you, dont worry. You not evil or mean.You lovely, nice and kind.It wasnt your fault it was just your stuid powers' he comforted her.

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Logan snorted and got up and sat on his unmade bed again.'Ok' he shrugged.

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'I-i-i can um-you know-um...'Logan choked embarassed.

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'I can um..'Logan cleared his throat and said in a quiet voice 'My power is that I can change the colour of things and they last.'

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'Huh really??' Logan looked at Envy trying to see if she was teasing him or lying.

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((I gtg soon :) ))

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Silver ((hi abby! sorry i g2g make an icecream cake.))

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Silver ((finished making the icecream cake... i had to taste-test the icecream to make sure it was ok.))

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Silver ((yes. there was mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and chocolate chip cookie dough))

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Silver ((i love it when i find really active roleplayers))

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Silver ((no, but she's been on practically all day.))

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Silver ((hmm... none of my characters know Logan, except Mellissa, but she's a spirit so...))

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Silver ((um... who are Michelles characters? i just joined yesterday))

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Michelle (michellerobins) ((she does.))

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Michelle (michellerobins) ((and a lot of them))

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Silver ((abby it just acurred to me that its 3:34am for her right now, so i think she won't be around for a few more hours. anyway i have to go to bed now so goodnight!))

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((I was so freaked that there was 24 comments on :) im soo upset that we have a different time zone :( and I go to bed at midnight so thats why I wasnt on last night as in last night for yous all because for me it was morning stupid time zones!! and yeh im on all day cause I just annoy my mum ))

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Silver ((It's 8:36AM here and I've been on since about 7:30am))

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Silver ((i am too, i just clean my room every once in a while... lol. i am soooo happy i am finally having a sleep over tonight!!!!!!! i am sad though my bff gets home from california TOMORROW. for her half birthday i sent her a card and then we had a choir preformance and she said she got the card :))

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Silver ((yes!! i am 13 and 1/2))

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Silver ((Taleoflostink and I are going to rp in the library at Mysterious rp if you want to join us...))

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Silver ((We're in Alice/Madeline's house now... http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show_g... ))

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Logan smiled 'Well I think of an item and think of it with another colour or think of it and then a colour'he said.'So your not going to tell me what your power is?'Logan asked gently.

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((right, logan said for you to wait while he went to deal with family buisness he'll be back in a minute lol))

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((course I always want to RP!!))

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((comforting chloe cause will and her cheated on each other and then they got back together))

Logan thet himself into his house and ran to his bedroom. He jumped on his bed "Hey! Have you got an answer from my previous question?" he asked gently.

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"VERY badly" Logan grinned propping himself up by his elbows.

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Logan smiled "Wow..cool and why didnt you tell me?" He asked gently

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"No one would judge you Envy! You are a lovely person!" Logan said smiling kindly

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"Its just a stupid power! Its not your fault!" Logan looked at his watch. "Wow its late, uh I dont reckon its safe for you to walk outside alone.I can walk you home or you can stay here? " Logan asked.

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((when and how should they get together?))
Logan stood up "Its just a problem because your
making it a problem in your head Envy!" Logan said quietly.

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((I mean get together:A couple? but there gona have to kiss before so both?))

"Yes,ive seen Taniths eyes go all creepy black" Logan replied.

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((When and where should they kiss? lol))

"And?" Logan asked "Its not like you do it on purpose and everyday!"

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((Yep like now! lol hm...))

"You've mean lots of friends! And how does it still happen?" Logan asked gently.

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(here sorry!))

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"Tell me Envy or ill kiss you and you dont want that!" Logan said trying to lighten things up.

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