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message 1: by Abby (new) - rated it 1 star

Abby So I found this review of Twilight on and it made some undeniably funny points about Bella and Edward as characters and the messages the books are sending. I don't intend to offend anyone who loves the books by posting this, because I love the books myself, I just think this is a perspective worth reading and parts of it really are true if you think about it.

"We spend the whole novel reading [Bella's] thoughts and they basically consist of: "Forks sucks. I hate cold weather. Edward is beautiful and gorgeous and perfect. Forks sucks. People here actually have the nerve to be nice and try to include me in social activities. Obviously they're just using me. Edward is beautiful and perfect and gorgeous. What stupid thing can I do today to get myself nearly killed? Edward is beautiful and perfect and gorgeous. Edward is a vampire. His instinct is to rip me to shreds. But he's beautiful and perfect and gorgeous. I can't exist without him."
And Edward! The most boring character in existence. Yes, he's supposed to be gorgeous, yet I have no picture of him in my head. Also, he doesn't have one interesting, charming, or funny thing to say. His dialogue can be divided into three categories: 1.) "Bella, you are my moon, my stars, my sun, my pearl among swine, my angel amongst the unwashed masses...You are marvelous, you are amazing, I adore you...of course, I don't know you at all, because I just met you two weeks ago, but I love you very, very much. Oh and I'm perfect." 2.) "Bella, you silly, silly girl. Who told you that you get to think and state your opinions? I'm the vampire, I'm the one who knows everything, I get to make all the decisions...remember, I'm perfect." 3.) "Behold my [pick one] beauty, strength, power, speed, marvelous, endearingly quirky sense of humor, my amazing family...have I mentioned that I'm perfect?"

And the themes! I'm not one to think that children's/YA lit should be preachy and full of Very Special messages, just the opposite, in fact, but Good Lord! If there was ever a book that deserved the medal for Worst Messages of All Time to Send to your Teenage Audience, then this is the one. Girls, life is not worth living unless you have your man. It's okay to have no dreams, ambitions, hobbies, interests, goals, ideas, friends, etc... as long as you have your man. It's okay, and in fact desirable that you stay with a man forever, even though he may very likely kill you, or at least injure you, in the future. Growing into mature adulthood and eventually old age is a fate worse than death. True Love is based on appearances and physical aspects. And the list goes on."

I don't necessarily agree with everything, but I found the "messages" part to be particularly true/hilarious. Just thought I'd share.

message 2: by Ruby (new) - rated it 1 star

Ruby LOL...thats funny. but the worst part for me is that its sooooo tru! u kno? i don't agree w/ everything either but as u said the 'messages' r consistant w/ the books.

Heather I also agree with the "messages" part, I never had a problem with Edward's character development, but in general, Bella's decisions are poor in light of the real world. I think that's kind of the point, though, is she's no longer in the real, normal world. And, I fully agree with Bella that nothing would be worse than growing old and dying without the person you love would be worse than anything else. If I didn't know that I'd be with my husband again after we're both dead, I don't know how I could handle life, much less handle it when he does die. I also like the point made in one part of the story of "If Charlie knew what had been going on, he would have been livid." Can you imagine? Anyway, I loved the books, and in their own universe, they work.

Jael ~ *~ Syhren ~* ~ LOL I agree with the whole thing it pretty much sums up the series except she needed to add the whole co-dependent relationship Bella and Edward had going on. I still enjoyed the series though. It was fun a read.

Lauren I disagree, though it does have some basis in reality, especially the message part. It's a great series to read. It does have a bit of that "I can't live without you Mr. Perfect Vampire, you're the most and only importnat part of my life" thing going on, but that's just fishing for something to complain about.

Kate Haha, that's really quite funny, and I agree with a lot of it. Doesn't mean I don't still love the books. I know they're not great books, but they are definitely entertaining.

Lauren I also still like the book. And they aren't that bad, loads of people like them, whether they're willing to admit it or not, so that's somehting. My 11 year old little brother likes them!

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