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October Read!

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message 1: by Meg (new)

Meg (digiart) I'd love to read:

Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar Nafis


Meena, Heroine of Afghanistan: The Martyr Who Founded RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan by Melody Ermachild Chavis


message 2: by Keely (new)

Keely Hyslop | 18 comments Mod
I like both of those titles and haven't read either of them yet.

My book suggestions are:

Massacre of the Dreamers: Essays on Xicanisma by Ana Castillo


The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam by Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America by Lillian Faderman

Anybody else know what they're going to suggest at next week's meeting?

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura | 3 comments Is there any interest in reading Eve Ensler's latest "The Good Body"?

For Getrude Stein fans, there's a great (short) novel called "The Book of Salt" by Monique Truong about a cook who works in the Stein-Toklas household in Paris.

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura | 3 comments I've started "Reading Lolita..." and set it aside for another book, I'd love to have a reason to pick it up again.

message 5: by Keely (new)

Keely Hyslop | 18 comments Mod
October's book was voted on during the September meeting. We'll be reading Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity by Julia Serano.

I'm really excited about this book because not only will it bring up important issues of transgender rights activism, but it will also force us to think about what we mean by "women" when we talk about the importance of fighting for women's rights.

Feel free to start another thread to discuss what book we should read in November.

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