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Gail I gave Lawrence the following blurb for this novel:

"The Book of Negroes is a novel that should be sung rather than read. It is a song of worship, in praise of the taste of an orange, the smell of a newborn; and it is a lament to the horrors we are capable of inflicting on each other, no matter what the colour of our skin...It is a courageous, challenging and beautiful book."

It really is.

Bonnie I agree with you, Gail. I hope that, in time, with lots of practice, I will improve in my ability to write reviews!!!!

Kristi Fleming Loved this novel and recommend to every bookclub. Great novel!!

Katharine So glad others have discovered this book -- it is a gem, and the first one I mentioned on Goodreads two years ago.

stephanie I read this book when it first came out, and it was a different name. I believe it was " Someone knows my name" or something to that effect. I don't want to rain on folks parade, but sometimes you just get tired of the slave thing. I can't read alot of these kinds of books, alot of folks just run them to the ground. Its my opinion. Thanks...Stephanie

Katharine I understand, Double-Cherries, but when this book came out (and you're right, it was "Someone Knows My Name") I was struck by the fact that someone had written a female version of "Roots." I thought this was kind of refreshing. I also appreciated the historical info on the controversy around the slavery issue in England. Apparently, they had a hard time deciding whether to abolish slavery as well as the slave trade.

Abbi Watson I couldn't put this book down, read it over one weekend. Everybody should read it because it puts everything else in perspective. Loved it :)

Lena I really wanted to read this book but it was so big. So I got it on tape and enjoyed the narrator as well as the book I loved it!!

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