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Who Are YOU?

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Who am I? I'm Deryn Sharp. You might know me as Dylan Sharp, a soldier on the Leviathan. Don't go all clever-boots on me when I say this- don't let Tazza near ANY barking hydrogen sniffers. It took a while to get me out of THAT. I was- Never mind. Dr. Barlow will just order me to walk her AGAIN if I speak of Tazza. How's Alek you might ask? Your Princeliness in doing fine. Just barking fine. The ninny's practicing fencing with Volger at the moment so I can't get his royal bum down here to say hello. Oh, wondering about Volger are you? He still knows my secret... Speaking of my secret, Alek still doesn't know. He's been such a dummkopf about it... Why can't he just... Barking Spiders! He's coming! Gotta go... Um... Watch the beasties...

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Klthg | 11 comments I'll tell you who I'm not. I am not Cato.

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Klthg | 11 comments Or Gale

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Klthg | 11 comments Not Bella .I maybe Edward or Jacob...let's include Carlise and Esme.

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Klthg | 11 comments I could also be Katniss or Peeta.

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Klthg | 11 comments And so on

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