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message 1: by Seresa (new)

Seresa (pardoteach) | 29 comments So what's the best book you read in February? I've loaded my Kindle with so many free books I'll be reading for ever. We are in our final week of basketball and once thats finished school seems to speed up to the end.

Is Everyone on track to meet your goal?

message 2: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) AAHAHAAH! No. XD My goal was 50-100 and I'm only on book 5.

message 3: by Dar B (new)

Dar B (ruminatingbulls) | 121 comments MyHappy Monster, LMBO!!

I'm on track. I don't know if it will remain that way over the summer. We don't live near any relatives, so we tend to travel a lot, visiting... not to mention, the boys are home bugging me (LOL).

I enjoyed the 7 book series that I began in January and just recently completed. For further details, read my thread updates along with my boook reviews. Good stuff, for fantasy fans!

message 4: by I'm Sandra Dee (last edited Mar 06, 2011 04:19PM) (new)

I'm Sandra Dee (imsandradee) | 12 comments Hello Group, apologize - neglecting this group was not a 2011 reading goal - the original 2011 reading goal was 36 books with cupcakes on the cover - however several recommendations sent my reading passion towards urban fantasy - commiting on a true number of books to read is a challenge of its own. The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs is my current passion - sadly only six books exist in this series. March is quickly disappearing but I shall have a reading goal set soon. The first book in the Mercy Thompson is Moon Called

message 5: by Lisa P (new)

Lisa P So far on track...although my reading has been somewhat sporadic. I am trying to get through some of the many free books I have downloaded to my Kindle. Just finished a great one Candle in the Darkness...historical fiction covering the Civil War. I love the free downloads...gives me a chance to read things I normally wouldn't pick up.

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