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message 1: by Lee (new)

Lee Sinclair "Read an Ebook" week is March 6 - 12 this year. I know many authors are participating by providing special discount codes for Smashbook. I'm not on Smashbook but I have temporarily reduced the price of my Kindle book, Book of Blognots, Not Blogs to 99 cents on the US Amazon site and 86 p. on the UK site.
US Listing
UK Listing

Perhaps others of you who are also participating in "Read an Ebook" week might share your discount codes or other information here.

message 2: by Joan (new)

Joan (wwwamonguswomencom) | 1 comments Add to the list for "Read an Ebook"the e-book available on, the novel "Among Us Women" by Joan Lerner
Before social media and blogging sites, in the '80's, there were consciousness raising groups and best friends with whom to reveal heart wrenching problems like abusive husbands, homosexuality, the dilemma of abortion. These issues are still prevalent but "out" in the open today.

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