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message 1: by Lisa (last edited Mar 06, 2011 08:07AM) (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Vegan Cookbooks group.

If you have a favorite cookbook, or a few favorite cookbooks, we’d love to hear what they are and why you like them.

Please check the threads carefully. Given that there are literally hundreds of vegan cookbooks, we would like to have the discussion for each cookbook stay within a single thread. So, if you want to discuss a specific cookbook, please check carefully in the cookbook folder below to see if there is an existing discussion thread before starting a new one. Thanks! The moderators will add cookbooks to the group shelves, including all vegan (and vegan friendly) cookbooks members mention in the discussion threads.

Feel free to start discussion threads within the folders, either for a particular cookbook, to chat, etc.

message 2: by Lee, Unrepentant Eggplant Addict (last edited Mar 06, 2011 07:56AM) (new)

Lee (leekat) | 1027 comments Mod
The amazing and dedicated Lisa has spent a good chunk of time adding over 200 books to the group shelves. It is an excellent resource and we encourage you to check them out. Hopefully you will find some new or old treasures there. We have also created various shelves to help categorize some of the books. These include: vegan baking/sweets, vegan raw, vegan ethnic, vegan gluten free, vegan restaurant cookbooks, vegan basic-easy and not-quite-vegan cookbooks. We will also be adding a few more shelves shortly including a kids-family shelf.

If you have any ideas or requests regarding the bookshelves please let us know in the member suggestions thread. Thank you!

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) Hi to all new and old members. I was wondering why our membership numbers jumped so suddenly, and I see we've been made a featured group on the Goodreads' groups page.

Welcome to everyone. Lee & I hope you enjoy the group.

Please feel free to jump in and introduce yourself and/or post in any thread that appeals to you, or feel free to start a new thread. Also, vote in our "just for fun" polls. And, be sure to check out our growing bookshelves.

Everyone is welcome to participate as little or as much as you'd like, but we'd love to get to know you, even if you just post about a favorite vegan cookbook. Thanks.

message 4: by Lee, Unrepentant Eggplant Addict (new)

Lee (leekat) | 1027 comments Mod
Woohoo! A featured group! I look forward to getting to know all our new members and hearing about your experiences with all the great vegan cookbooks out there. Welcome!

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) Hello, All.

Thought I co-created this group with Lee, it's been a long time since I participated in any way, so as Don (our recently added moderator) did not that long ago, I've decided to leave the group. It's a public group so if my circumstances change I might join again, though just as a regular member, not a moderator.

I hope those of you who remain here find it a fun and helpful place to be.

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