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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) **~***~****~

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Mèo sat up in a tree, watching. She held her breath at she listened.

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Natalie walked past a tree and saw Meo"Hey"

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) "Shh!" She said holding her finger to her lips.

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Natalie sighed"What are you doing"Natalie wispered

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Me`o pounced out of the tree and landed in a bush. "Got it!" She called.

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Natalie laughed

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) She poked her head out. "Daddy said we might get someone new."

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"Awsome but when.Im tired of playing with these other scientiests.Its so boring here"

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Mèo shrugged, "I kinda like it."

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I guess

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) (You forgot your " marks)

She layed down on the ground and looked up at the computer animated sky.

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Natalie sat down and sighed"I wonder what its like out there"

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) "Loud," She said closing her eyes, "And the air it thick with smoke and dust. The sun is always covered, and it rains a lot-- not just on Rain Day." Mèo had been 9 when she came to her dad's lab, but she still remembered bits of the "outside".

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"Oh"Natalie said alittle disapointed

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) "But it smelled good sometimes," She offered. "When you passed a store woth food, you could smell it."

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"Oh cool"

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) "Yeah..." She said with a soft sigh.

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Natalie sat against the tree

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) "But it's better here," Mèo said opening her eyes.

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((Do they have their powers))

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) (Yes, that's why they're in the sim world)

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Natalie made a fire ball then put it out

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) She got up and looked around, then darted into another bush.

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