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message 1: by Tatu (new)

Tatu (tatu_black) | 74 comments Mod
its pretty easy.. name character and if you can describe the scene...


message 2: by Gaynell (new)

Gaynell (gaynellk) | 2 comments Adam Black, but I can't describe the scene.

message 3: by Tatu (new)

Tatu (tatu_black) | 74 comments Mod
lol.. no problem!!.. do you remember who was he talking to?.. ill give you a hint.. its another man..

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 1 comments He was talking to Hawk about Adrianne when they were challenging each other on which one of them could get her to sleep who, first. (Beyond the Highlands)

message 5: by Xee (new)

Xee (kuuipo_228) | 2 comments I wanna say it was the first time Adrianne ran into Adam (smithy) when she was wondering around the grounds??

message 6: by Tatu (new)

Tatu (tatu_black) | 74 comments Mod
hmm.. jesssica your right.. xee it was a little bit after that..lol..

message 7: by Xee (new)

Xee (kuuipo_228) | 2 comments Well poo! Lol

message 8: by Cynfully Sweet (new)

Cynfully Sweet (cynfully_sweet) | 5 comments Adam black to Hawk - Adam is speaking about QA. It's when adrianne is poisoned by a dart, and is about to die, Adam says he'll save her if Hawk agrees to fair competition on who of them would sleep with Adrianne first.

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