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Lionlord | 58 comments Mod
Follow these guidelines .

Rank:((soldier,protector,adventure,historian, archeologist,mummy))
Clothing style:
Random items:

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Lionlord | 58 comments Mod
Rank:((soldier,protector,adventure,historian, archeologist,mummy))adventurer,historian,archeologist
Bio:was in the British army before moving to Egypt.
Clothing style:like johnathan
Random items:a Swiss army knife and a compas
Weapons: a couple revolvers, glock, Luger, shotgun,magi sword,curvy knife.((got the sword from a friend.

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Name:Laura Kendricks
Rank:((soldier,protector,adventure,historian, archeologist,mummy))Archaeologist, historian
Personality:crazy, opinionated, determined, she's not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks and usually gets what she wants.
Bio:not much to tell
Crush:open ;P
Family:a brother, don't ask
Clothing style: the craziest colors scemes imaginable.
Random items:a frying pan and a necklace medallion
Looks:dark hair, tanned skin, bright green eyes, giant smile
Weapons: kinfe, frying pan, sometimes he uses a gun

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Name:Carter Kendricks
Rank:((soldier,protector,adventure,historian, archeologist,mummy))soldier, adventurer
Personality:brave, ,loyal, impatient with his sister, he's the rational part of Laura's brain haha
Bio:long story
Family:Laura, though he tries to deny it
Clothing style:jeans and an old military jacket are cool by him
Random items:a matching medallion to Laura's and an Indiana Jones hat
Looks:like Laura, dark hair, tanned skin, his eyes are blue and he has a small scar by his jawline
Weapons: his bare hands (hehe) and pretty much whatever he can find

message 5: by Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (last edited Feb 01, 2012 07:08PM) (new)

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 41 comments Name: Lacy McTyre
Age: 22
Rank: Adventure/historian
Personality: funny, brave, kind, smart, bubbly
Bio: TBP
Crush: open
Family: Has an older brother she doesn't see much named Bill.
Clothing style: vintage/cute mixes and matches different clothes to fit how she feels that day. loves the colors gold and light blue
Random items: A special beetle scarab that she always has with her.
Weapons: and

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) haha he sure does!

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 41 comments lolz :) gtg wanna rp l8r??

message 9: by MollyRena (last edited Jan 20, 2012 03:19PM) (new)

MollyRena Name:Carder
Rank:((soldier,protector,adventure,historian, archeologist,mummy)): in rp (XD)
Clothing style:tomboy
Random items:skateboard
Weapons: and

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 41 comments Xandy wrote: "kk!"

wanna rp now??

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) guys name is Carter...

@ Milan- Sure!

message 12: by Lionlord (new)

Lionlord | 58 comments Mod
Rank((soldier,protector,adventure,historian, archeologist,mummy))Majai
Personality:like a majai
Bio:he was born a majai
Family:Peter is his halfbrother
Clothing style:majai robes
Random items:
Looks: like the majai in the movie with short hair
Weapons: revolver,rifle,majai custom sword

message 13: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena Xandy wrote: " guys name is Carter...

@ Milan- Sure!"

i spelled mine wrong lol not good..

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 41 comments Xandy wrote: " guys name is Carter...

@ Milan- Sure!"

where do u want to rp??

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) Carter's at the Ferry at the moment XD

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 41 comments kk i'll meet u there :)

message 17: by Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (last edited Feb 02, 2012 05:54PM) (new)

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 41 comments Name: Bill McTyre
Age: 29
Rank:Adventure and soldier
Personality: Super smart and funny. Very kind and likes to have fun.
Bio: Moved to Cairo where he met his lovely wife June. He loves a good adventure.
Crush: married to June
Family: His sister is Lacy McTyre
Clothing style: Very laid back and fun.
Random items: An Eye of Horus belt buckle
Weapons: Good with guns of any kind

message 18: by Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (last edited Feb 01, 2012 07:25PM) (new)

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 41 comments Name: June McTyre
Age: 28
Rank: Historian
Personality: Bubbly and fun. Likes to cook and joke around.
Bio: Came to Cairo and met Bill. They got married and now work together on research.
Crush: Married to Bill McTyre
Family: Husband is Bill and Sister-In-Law is Lacy
Clothing style: Light and Airy. She wears soft colors.
Random items: A pretty charm-bracelet given to her by her mother at her wedding.
Weapons: Hand-to-Hand combat. She's not afraind to fight.

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