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I do not own Gakido or even know them so this is not real events they are of my imagination and nothing more, I did this for fun not to harm or upset anybody and if you do not like the thought of two boys liking each other then this is not the fan-fiction for YOU!
This fan-fiction is about the I guess you can call it “Forbidden Love” Between Shutaro and Piyo  hope you like it.

I sat there looking at the wall thinking back of the year before; today was the day he had left…the day I lost him forever. A tear rolled down my cheek but I quickly wiped it away, it almost felt like he had been here as quickly as he left. I couldn’t help but think back on those memoires….
I, Shutaro sat on the hardwood floor of the room where we practiced. Everyone greeted him as he walked into the room, yet I stayed silent like I usually did keeping my eyes only on him my mind wondering. “Hey Shutaro.” Someone said, pulling my mind back to reality. Of course…it was him, Piyo. He stood before me with a smile slightly leaning toward me, he was just a bit to close. Surprised I backed up a bit, this next part was a bit weird, he came closer and only I seemed to notice this! What was even weirder was my face turned a slight red, I couldn’t understand any of this.”Um….Piyo could you back up a bit…”I said looking away trying to hide my face a bit. Looking at him from the corner of my eye, I saw him smile and bite his lip looking as if he was holding back a laugh but he stood straight and turned to walk away, leaving me to wonder what he was thinking.
Whats up with Piyo…his been acting so weird toward me lately…was I the only one noticing this? I shook this thought from my head, It must be my mind playing tricks on me… “Come on Shutaro are you just going to sit there all day and look at the wall.” Yohya said loudly. I sat there for a bit silent just noticing what he said. “Think he went brain dead?” Yuu joked.
“Oh Shush.”Piyo said walking towards me and stopping to hold out a hand.”Come on Shutaro we need to practice.”
“Uh..yea.”I said a bit hesitant to take his hand but did not wanting him to think I hated him, taking his hand felt like a mistake, a weird feeling went through me…the question was…is it good or bad? This scared me even more, what was Piyo doing to me, it’s like he was messing with me in some way. “Was I right?!”Yuu said as I didn’t move.
“Shut-up.” Piyo and I said in unison, my face went a bit red again but I let go of his hand and stood on my own and hurried past Piyo. It seemed Yohya noticed this but quickly declined it as we started rehearsal.
Time seemed to pass slower for me then for the other’s as the day went on, for some reason I couldn’t get myself to stop thinking about the most simplest things. maybe I was paranoid, Piyo couldn’t possibly think of me that way, he must be messing with me. even as I thought this there was another feeling…this one sad. what is wrong with you Shutaro when did you start thinking like this! This thought was met with the feeling of something cold on my cheek of course I jumped, this time it was Yohya and the thing that was so cold on my cheek was a water bottle. “Here…”He said and took a seat beside me as I nodded and took it. Yohya looked from the distance then to me. “Did something happen? you seem out of it….”He said sounding a bit worried.
“No….nothing.” I said back to him, now this was half the truth but also a lie, but how could I say “”Piyo’s been acting a bit weird have you noticed? And I feel a bit weird around him and confused””…..there was no way I was saying that it sounded so stupid and made me sound like I had a crush, IT IS NOT A CRUSH I SAY!...at least….i hope not….

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Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) | 1326 comments Mod
The past few weeks we had been on the road, so tonight we were spending the night at a hotel. All if us sat in a room in a circle playing some cards, I was going to have to ask Piyo what was going on sooner or later and I thought tonight I should. So after some rounds of cards and everyone starting to there rooms I asked Piyo if I could speak to him, he agreed without asking why…
“um..Piyo why’ve you been acting so weird lately….” I let out wondering if he could even understand what I was talking about.
“Around you?”He said not seeming nervous at all.
“Yea….”I said looking anywhere but at him, from the corner of my eye I saw him smile.
“I…suppose I like you, as I mean like you like you…it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?” Piyo seemed to say it so out there like he wasn’t afraid to.
“Huh?! Your joking right?”I said without thinking only after hearing myself say it did I notice it sounded so mean, Piyo’s eye’s seemed so sad but for some reason he smiled.
“Yea I was only kidding, just messing with you.”He said, his eyes though seemed to say different. “I’ll be going now…”He said and walked past me, for some reason I felt horrible, but he did mean it didn’t he? when he said he was joking???....I thought to myself, that night I couldn’t sleep at all….

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