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message 1: by Ancestral (new)

Ancestral Gaidheal (gaidheal) On my commute to and from work, I listen to podcasts. So, how many members have listened to books this way, too? Are there any you would recommend?

I have enjoyed the following:

" The Mark of a Druid " by Rhonda R. Carpenter;
" Shadowmagic " by John Lenahan;
" Shadowmagic: Prince of Hazel and Oak " by John Lenahan; and
" Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell.

These are mostly fiction, as I have yet to find non-fiction books in podcast format of interest.

So, what would you recommend?

message 2: by Adele (new)

Adele (turtil) | 19 comments what are podcasts? are they the same as audio books? or are they different? i'm still invesigating audio books here in australia. most often than not they are twice the price of a paperback edition of the same book. libraries in my area are not well stocked either. so audio books are but a dream for me.
but podcasts... you have piqued my interest! :o)

message 3: by Ancestral (new)

Ancestral Gaidheal (gaidheal) I guess you could say they are listen and/or watch on demand programmes. So, if you've missed your favourite radio show, you can download it and listen to it at your leisure. iTunes is where I download mine from, but there are plenty of other places and formats. Some you can subscribe to; many are free, such as the ones I listed above.

message 4: by Adele (new)

Adele (turtil) | 19 comments does it have to be iphone/ipod (apple product)?
or can you download them onto your pc and listen via windows media player or put them on your generic media player?

message 5: by Ancestral (new)

Ancestral Gaidheal (gaidheal) Some you can, yes. Go to an audio book site like Podiobooks or do a search. Most podcasts can be listened to on any PC, and you can keep up to date with an RSS feed, so you never miss an episode. To learn more about RSS and how it works, try Wikipedia.

message 6: by Adele (new)

Adele (turtil) | 19 comments Cool i will do thank you. :o)

and once i do that i'll find books to recommend to you!

message 7: by Ancestral (new)

Ancestral Gaidheal (gaidheal) That would be grand. I am listening to a non-fiction book at the moment on the druids, and then there is " Good Omens " in audio format to keep me going on my commutes. After that, I fear I am lost.

message 8: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Pearl (stephenp11) | 150 comments I don't know if it is in pod cast format but I do know that Macavellies The Prince has been done as an audio book. If you want to understand politics at all I highly recomend it.

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